Utool 14-in-1 Multi-Functional Swiss Folding Knife | Camping Survival Knives-Stainless Steel



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Paolo G.
Great multi-tool knife for the price

I wasn't looking for a multi-purpose knife but this one caught my eye and for the price, it can't be beat. I've only had it a couple of days but it feels solid and all the tools work well. One thing that I look for in a multi-tool knife is whether it has scissors. I usually end up using that tool the most. This knife has bigger and better scissors than almost any knife I've seen. I also like the knife to have a lanyard although lately I wear the knife in a case (not included) on my belt. Fortunately, I had saved a flashlight belt holder which is almost a perfect fit for this knife. Anyway, this is going to be my new daily multi-tool knife as it has all the features that I use and it just feels well-made. Highly recommended.

Arnold W.
Very nice construction. Sturdy and well built.

Very good knife. Well-made and sturdy construction. Each tool opens easily. The grip on the side helps to build on without slipping.

Randall S.
Great knife

This is a great knife. worth the money. I was leaning towards a Swiss Army knife and spend a lot of money. I took a change on this knife... completely worth it... it’s a very good knife, great product. I would buy again you do not need to spend a lot of cash ... this is a great buy

Mariano B.
A tool to give memories! Thank you!

Used on first camping trip the kid loved it she felt so important. It really is a great kids first Swiss army knife or at least that's what I used it for. She was excited and it actually came in handy a few times. She’s 10 and what better way to learn and grow! She felt the responsibility and importance of it and got the speech and took such great care of it and yet I think I borrowed it from her more then she held it lol. Thanks for such a great tool and giving us great memories!

Aaron B.
Small knife but made well.

Well this knife is small, but seems pretty well made with good snap to the tools when you close any of them. It has a bit of play with the main blade, I gave it to my wife for her crafts as its small enough for what she needs, for the price it’s an okay little knife, I have many high end knives to compare it to and it’s alright.

Eris S.
Heavy duty - I like it better than my Swiss Army Knives

Exactly as described and even better when you have it in your hand. Very sturdy and heavy duty. Build quality seems great. This was a small stocking Stuffer item for one of my children but now I would like one. Although I've always been partial to Swiss Army knives, I think products like this makes you realize one should always keep an open mind for such great product.

Virginia L.
Compact & Practical

A gift for my husband's birthday...he says the blades are sharp and he loves all the different tools! Lifetime guarantee can't go wrong.

Ernest J.
Great knife, very sharp main blade

Great knife, very sharp main blade, not too bulky or heavy. Easy to grip while using. This is now my 'everyday' pocket knife.

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Utool 14-in-1 Multi-Functional Swiss Folding Knife | Camping Survival Knives-Stainless Steel