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Sede T.
Good to have for working out..

I have to say I am skeptical about these products because I have bought several in the past. First of all, you do need to be on some type of exercise plan or diet. I used this product sparingly due to not knowing if I would have an allergic reaction or burning sensation. I did not get either. It was a non-greasy, non-oily product that had a warm, tingling sensation. I have tried it before working out and when non-working out. I felt more of the sensation while working out. I felt like it was doing something. So I put it on my love handles too. It felt like it was bringing circulation to the area which helps in the fat burning. I have only had it a week but will continue to use it as I feel I am not feeling as bloated around my middle area. It is worth checking out for the price. Added bonus: I have arthritis in my back and It helped with the pain. I know that was not its purpose but it took the achy feeling I get in my back away. It can Enhance Your Workouts and Increase your body temperature to sweat more, lose water weight, increase circulation, boost your workouts, and obtain those perfect abs. Not a bad product.

Marian D.
Warmth of the lotion may be sensitive to some people

Great product!! Although it was a bit warm at first after following the directions, the warmth didn't last long, about 10 to 15 minutes, and smells like mint. It really makes you sweat in your abdominal area, especially if you use a sweat garment, as I did. I felt comfortable and it does slightly tighten your skin. It does leave your skin soft after you shower. I am looking forward to using this product every day to see gradual results. So far I really like this product. I am using a sweat garment on my abdomen area and I am using the treadmill for exercise daily. If you have sensitive skin, you may need to think about the degree of warmth of the lotion. I have a very thick abdomen area after having two kids, the baby weight never came off and a bit overweight, so the warmth of the lotion didn't bother me at all. This product really makes you sweat with or without a sweat garment. I tried both to see the results. Overall I really like this product.

George R.
A lot of sweat

When I first put this on, I put too much on and it did hurt a bit. However, I finally figured out that for me, about a dime-sized amount is perfect. I use this with my waist wrap and there is a lot of sweat after wearing all day. Depending on what I'm doing, I will wear a shirt under my wrap to help soak up some of the sweat. This really helps with trying to lose water weight. So far I've been using this for about a few weeks now and I've lost almost 3 inches. I am still changing my diet but should be exercising a lot more than what I am but I am very happy with my results. A little of this stuff really does go a long way and I found that when using this with a neoprene wrap really does help with the extra sweating.

Erick S.
Definitely feel a Difference & great value for your money!

I definitely feel a difference after putting on this cream. It does burn a bit but it helps you sweat much more in the areas you apply the cream too. I definitely feel a difference applying this at night before bed and seeing the difference when I wake up. I definitely recommend this cream, especially for the price!

Arrah G.
gives a tingly feeling on your skin.

It has a peppermint smell/feels to it you do sweat a lot, especially when using it with a seat belt. It’s kind of like using the dr. browners peppermint soap (gives your skin a tingling feeling but the tingling goes away .. I realize a little goes a long way. I say get it because it's very helpful.

James M.
Will be using more often

Once you apply you can feel the burn literally as today and I can already feel a difference I can feel the heat sensation that is actually appealing I do sweat Way more than normal when I use this. This is better than most stimulators I have used.

Julius W.

I wouldn’t technically know if this product is moisturizing because I use it right before I work out. I would say it definitely increases the burn, but if you’re looking for something to make u sweat I’m not sure if this is the product for you. I don’t think I have sensitive skin but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for people with it. This product has no scent.

Brian T.
It works!

I've been using this cream for about 4 weeks now. It does have a warm/tingling sensation when you put it on but it works great. I use this with a waist trainer during workouts and I can see results already.

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