Lores Portable Moisturizing Mist Sprayer Mini Nano Facial Steamer Skin Care with USB Rechargeable

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Melody P.
Perfect size!

This is the perfect size not only for traveling, but for saving space for the many gadgets we women buy!! Does the job as well as the big machine minus the storage. You’re more likely to use a mister you can pull out if a bathroom drawer then out of a cabinet!! Love it!!

Love L.M.
Very skeptical at first but actually impressed

I was extremely skeptical about this product before purchasing it. I had looked at warm facial misters and cool ones, but decided on this one because my face sometimes gets pink/warm in between steps of my skincare routine. I filled it with water from my Brita filter and hold it about 2 inches from my face, moving it across my face for 1-2 minutes. My face feels slightly soothed, less dry, and it's actually more relaxing than I thought it would be. The mist is very fine, there are no leaks (which I was initially worried about after seeing the water tank), and so far the charge seems to last like the product claims.

Tracy M.
Perfect for hydrating my face throughout the day!

I really like this facial mister. It's pretty handy and perfect for carrying around. The spray is strong but it's a fine mist that works for my hair as well as my face. I have not used oil or other product in it yet, as some other reviewers have, but overall I think it's a wonderful product so far. When I first unboxed it, I couldn't figure out how to get it to spray, haha! Then I realized I was holding it upside down. It only sprays in an upright position. Initially it wasn't clear to me which position was upright.

Janice S.
I. Love. This. Mister!

The mist is super fine, with no large droplets. I have used it every day (sometimes multiple times) for almost two weeks now, and I haven't had to recharge it. I would absolutely purchase this again and will likely purchase some for gifts.

As an update, I have now had this mister for 5 weeks, used it every day (often multiple times a day), have refilled the reservoir several times, but I have still not had to recharge it. There's nothing I don't like about this mister!

Katie S.
Love this mini travel mister!

I purchased this item for a recent trip. It was nice to have on the plane and I used it while we were in the air. The mist wasn’t too strong so it didn’t bother others. It left me feeling pampered and refreshed after a dry flight.

Beverly C.
Great Product for face and body!

I stumbled across this product and I'm so happy I did. I use this product daily. I added some Mario Badescu Facial Spray in the well of this product. It sprays the facial spray out in a cool very fine mist...it's not even a mist, it's more like a vapor. I use this product not only on my face but my arms and legs too. Great product, I highly recommend.

Ritch A.
Love it

I was waiting for this to help with my facial routines. It made a big difference. It opened my pores and I felt like I was able to get such a great cleaning. My face felt so clean. Also, when my face is feeling dry, this was a great add for my face to feel hydrated. super easy to use and great price. I was going to buy of those big ones, but this did the job perfect

Ada B.
Best purchase ever

This little spray is amazing!!! It sprays an ultra-fine mist so that it feels cooling and not wet. I have struggled with setting sprays spraying too much or too concentrated where it would leave globs of spray on my face that you could not wipe as it would ruin your makeup and then once dried would not go away leaving a sticky shiny spot on the skin. This solves all of that!! It is extremely travel friendly and will come in handy during the hot summer months when you just want a little pick me up to get you cooled down.

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Lores Portable Moisturizing Mist Sprayer Mini Nano Facial Steamer Skin Care with USB Rechargeable