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Charity B.
I love this soap!

While it does seem a little expensive for a bar of soap, I feel good every time I use it. It lasts through at least a month of daily showering and it leaves my skin soft. I love the scent.

Jessa B.
Moisturizing body polish with a heavenly honey scent

Love this stuff! I found this is a great product to use after you have scrubbed with a loofa or scrub pad to clear dead skin first, as an after-buff to polish the skin, as it contains moisturizers which condition the skin leaving it baby smooth with a delicious light honey scent. It also works great after shaving. If you don't like a strong sweet fragrance and are looking for a strong grainy exfoliant to remove dead skin without putting in some elbow grease with a scrub pad first as is the spa tradition with an Akasuri scrub, this may not be the product for you. If you enjoy the sweet scent of honey and want a nice skin-softening body polish with gentler grains of sugar and moisturizing honey and propolis, you will love this product.

Caroline D.
Love this soap, it smells FAB.

This is a high-quality lotion/soap bar. It adds moisture back to your skin as you wash. It smells heavenly, lavender and honey are my favorite scents. It did not dry out my skin any more than regular soap and didn't leave me feeling like I had residue all over my body. Because it's pretty basic, I didn't break out or get any sort of rash on my skin.

Matilda G.
Good stuff!

Hydrates beautifully and has a nice honey aroma, unfortunately, my dog likes the smell too and I have to stop him from licking it off.

Happy C.
Great scrub

The scrub is nice and smells sweet like honey. It is not overly abrasive, but just enough to exfoliate. Seems to have quality ingredients and leaves skin soft and moisturizer.

Lesley L.
Oh honey!

Was looking for something to scrub and also hydrate my face since I have dry skin. After a week of using this, my face is so smooth and soft. Honestly, my skin has never looked better. And it smells great. Literally honey on my face. Recommend if you are prone to dry skin and also need something to help exfoliate

Jaime B.
Gentle soap and a strong honey scent

This particular soap has a strong honey scent and gently hydrates. It lathers well, but what I like best about it is that it leaves my skin feeling soft and still hydrated.

Roselyn R.
Absolute favorite!

Like washing your hands with lotion except you get clean. One minute of self-pampering makes this valuable. My hands were chapped, not anymore. My hand washing was quick and bothersome, not anymore. I look forward to using this soap and take a moment to enjoy it every time I use it which is many times a day. The smell is honey but not too foo foo. The men use it as well because of the healing properties of honey and it doesn't leave a strong scent but a nice clean smell. Have bought many bars and will again.

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