Purex Cool Mist Humidifier | Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser | Changing LED Lights, Lt. Wood Grain 300ml



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Ashton B.

If you have seen my reviews before you will notice that most of them start with my wife got this for me. This review is no different. I was sick with the flu, not just the flu but the man flu. Im pretty sure that I was going to die.. anyway, she has one of these at our house in Calgery Canada but im here at our house in Washington. She ordered it and some Eucalyptus oil. Folks it works. It's easy to use and it doesn't put too much humidity in the air like a big humidifier does. Using it with the oil I found that I could breath again and figured that I'd live another day.. lol

Sabrina P.
Works well!

My mom got me this for Christmas and I really like it. It works well and I have used 3 different essential oils in it so far: peppermint, lavender and a mix blend called purification. It is easy to use and has a long running time (8-10 hours) when left on. It is right next to my bed on my nightstand so the sound of running water does keep me awake and it makes an annoying loud beep when it is done running so I usually turn it off before I go to bed. It fills my bedroom with the scent well and when it is in my living room it does a good job filling that room plus my kitchen. I have only had to clean it once with vinegar water and a paper towel. I only wish that the scent of my oils was equally as strong during its whole run time. Usually they are super strong at the beginning then after a few hours it smells more like water then the scent. I put 2-3 drops in each time per instructions on my oils.

Olivia C.
Love the large size (...that's what she said...)

I have used this to add moisture to my office (20 x20). It works great. I don't use the LED lights, but I did test them and they would be great if this was used at home. I like that this is larger than other models, it's not so big that it stands out, but it will run for a couple work days (~ 14 ish hours) on one fill up. that's on the high setting. I haven't tried it on the low setting.

Amor P.
Looks nice with natural wood furniture.

Love it. Don’t have one negative opinion about the diffuser. I select & add my oils, fill with filtered water, and choose max time. It helped me through the winter bronchial mess and helped me sleep. No residue on furniture that I can tell. We keep it on a trivet, not directly on the end table. The corded wall plug is too big and takes up 2 outlets. But our outlets are side by side like in a power strip. So it’s not a manufacturing issue, it just doesn’t work well with our outlets. I think I’ll buy another for the cabin. Really like the wood look as opposed to other units.

Chad j.
Easy to refill - unintrusive in the rooms

I purchased 3 of these and have bought 4 more since then. These diffusers are easy to use. The shape means you just lift the top off and add water and aromatherapy oil (5-6 drops). I don't use the light option, but my niece loves the colours. I love the 3 settings: 1-hour, 3-hours and 6-hours. I use the one in my bedroom at night and turn it on when I get into bed.

Veron L.
Love it! But delicate

Absolutely love my diffuser! So easy to out together and love the lights. It diffuses the oils very efficiently throughout my living and dining area. I am very careful with it though because I can see what others say about the coating being delicate and may chip easily. I bought my mom the same one for her birthday and she absolutely loves it too!

Cherry S.
Best bang for your buck! You won't be disappointed!

I have several diffusers (two name brand ones) and I wanted to purchase one for my office at work. I wanted something inexpensive because diffusers can be speedy, so I thought I would give this a try. However, when I tested it at home, I decided to keep this one at home and take its more expensive twin to my office. This diffuser works phenomenally!!!! I wish I knew how to do a video review just so you can see the amount of mist it puts out. Hopefully you can see it in the picture. It comes with a measuring cup, really good instructions that are easy to follow and a little sticker on the side for future reference on switching it from continuous to sporadic, 1 or 2 hour lengths. The remote control is icing on the cake. When I wake in the middle of the night after having a bad dream, anxiety or if I just can't sleep... I can just roll over and hit a button to get right back into relaxation. You will not be disappointed with this diffuser!

Jane S.
Better than expected!

I've been extremely pleased with this diffuser. It's so easy to use, looks beautiful and has timer settings that make it simple. My kids love the colors (I do too). I've had it a while now, and it's still working perfectly. And it's so quiet!

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Purex Cool Mist Humidifier | Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser | Changing LED Lights, Lt. Wood Grain 300ml