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Kendra K.

I cannot say enough good about this product. Not only am I NOT ashamed anymore of my neck but when I started to use it on my face I was blown away. My neck definitely gave my true age away "59" going on 70. I absolutely felt bad. I hated even to look in the mirror. I started using this product on my neck only but the effects did not happen in a couple of days or a couple of weeks. But I kept using it because it made my skin on my neck so soft and that's how I got to use it on my face. It took a good 4 weeks of faithfully using it twice a day. I am so happy I didn't stop applying the cream. Now I am no longer ashamed of my neck and my face is so radiant and soft. I will never stop using this product.

Cory D.
This product keeps its promises!

I really didn’t have high expectations for this product. I panicked when I noticed my neck was making these crepe-y folds when I turned my head. I am so not happy about aging. Anyway, I shopped around and came upon this fabulous product and saw all the high ratings and great testimonials. This cream works! I’m not even halfway through the bottle and I see noticeable reductions in the folds and crepey-ness! My décolleté was fine before but now I notice the skin is more supple. Full disclosure: at night, I add a few drops of Vitamin E oil for extra oomph. In the morning, I apply sunscreen over it. Will definitely buy again.

Elsa R.
Best neck cream at an affordable price

I have tried so many expensive neck creams I’ve lost count. Some very expensive, and some less expensive. By far this neck cream is the best! I started using it two weeks ago and I notice my neck is very smooth and younger looking. I highly recommend this to everyone over 50 years old. Wish I’d known about it before spending so much money on creams that didn’t work.

Claudia G.
Delivers Results

After 30 days of day and night applications, my neck creases are slowly diminishing. I'm encouraged. After years of "rings," it will take some time for my neck to smooth completely, but that's not the product's fault. I'm pleased with the results and will continue the application.

Marivic L.
I am very happy with this firming cream

I am very happy with this firming cream. I am 56 yrs old & I pride myself on having & taking good care of my skin. In the process I have used numerous products & many did nothing..Ex. I have very dry skin & so-called firming creams often disappoint as they are too thin or watery & my skin feels super dry 15 min later. 1 of the few good products I use with excellent results is this Neck Firming Cream. One day I noticed my neck skin seemed a bit more droopy & I panicked..I immediately chose this product as it is designed for the neck but I use it all over my face with a few other products too. It’s been a month now using this product & yes, I do notice results. I don’t often leave feedback unless I am super impressed with something & I can now say this is one of them. Worth every penny but you have to use it everyday or you may not benefit as much from this firming cream

Princess Q.
Leaves skin soft as velvet

Received the cream today. Immediately tried on my neck. Leaves skin very soft. By evening my husband said he could see a difference in the tone of my skin and the skin was still very soft, almost like velvet. After showering I placed more cream on my neck and also my face. Will write more as I use the cream more. So far I really like this cream. Have tried many, many creams so will compare to others.

Diane W.

This cream made a difference! I have bought lots of creams, including the branded one and this made a difference! Have been using it for about 6 weeks and am very pleased with the difference it has made with the crepey looking skin on my neck. Even on my chest it has helped. I am 59. Great price!! Will buy again.

Marian D.
Great Product

Been using this for 2 weeks and feel it is helping. Nothing but surgery will tighten my skin but this is actually working to make my neck appear less saggy. Great price and excellent customer service from the company.

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