Neutron Car Rear View Night Vision Camera | 170° Wide Angle for Vehicle Backup / Reverse, Waterproof

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Travis W.
Great rear view camera for Silverado 1500

This is the perfect rear view camera for installing on a pickup truck tailgate for general backing up and especially for hooking up a trailer. The relatively small mounting hole is a big plus--older cameras needed a much larger hole (over 1/2"), so by comparison this reverse camera is a huge improvement. Picture is very nice, night vision is great, color is good, view angle is wide. The extension wire is long enough to go from the tailgate to the cab of my 13 Silverado 1500, which is about the longest pickup available. ailable. A great backup camera for the price.

Riley T.
Solid camera, great price, good picture

I installed this rear view camera on a 2012 honda civic coupe. For the install, the only thing that I didnt like was when i cut the video RCA to solder female pins in for the IMDI wire harness, the cable only had 2 wires (one red for 12v power, and one yellow for video) the yellow wire was wrapped in shielding with wires which turned out to be the ground wire. Simple fix: I unwrapped the shielding and wires and created a 3rd wire wrapped in electrical tape. If it was actually 3 wires when you cut the RCA off, that would have made the install a little easier.

Once I soldered all the pins to the wires, I connected them to the harness and removed the reverse light connector from the light, and checked that the video worked and it did!

Video is clearer than some stock cameras I've seen. Having the extra wire length makes it easy to route. I had like 8 more feet than I needed, so routing in a SUV or truck should be simple.

Anton Y.

I have this camera hooked up to my pioneer mvh200ex radio. The wires were just long enough for my big sedan, and I hid all the wires well so I used a lot of length. Installation is easy. You can decide if you want it on all the time or only when you backup depending on how you wire it. The image is great for a backup camera. It also looks like it came on my car stock. It fits well. I would recommend wiring it so it is viewable all the time, because it is like having another rear view mirror, but the camera gives a much wider view and you can see it easier.

Steve D.
One of the better cams I have used

As far as the claim on night vision will see more than the eye can see but night vision is still something I wish these makers would not claim. This is one of the better cams I have installed on my cars with this being on a Honda Pilot and it blended in easily below the hatch lip. The install is a piece of cake if you have any previous car install experience. Bottomline is yes I would recommend this cam.

Travis B.
Great backup camera

Very good quality. Love the "factory installed" look. Easy to install in my SUV. Picture is great. Resolution is as good as factory. Love the wide angle. I wash my car often so the waterproof over water/weather resistant is great.

Chad j.
Everything looks pretty good

Car backup view front camera works like it should.
Camera is very small.
User manual is easy to understand so installation wasn't hard at all.

Lance S.
Nice backup camera for Ford F150 pickup truck

WOW, a nice backup camera! I mounted it on a 10 Ford F150 pickup truck tailgate handle, it’s just as discribe and what I was looking for. After adjusting everything works as it should, it’s a little off centered but that was expected, I’m happy with the view at night also, bright and clear, no grainy issue. I give it 5 stars because it’s as discribe and it works for my application.

Mike S.
Awesome backup cam

I purchased this cam from a friend that recommended me this brand. It's definitely one of the best out of all the other ones that I have looked at.

Install is pretty easy, at least for me. It will vary from vehicle to vehicle. The cable that comes with the kit is plenty long. Enough to go 2 car lengths. I didn't use any of the spacers included.

Build quality is awesome. Did they carve this out of solid steel? It's sturdy and it's heavy. That's a good thing. It's not plastic like other cameras.

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Neutron Car Rear View Night Vision Camera | 170° Wide Angle for Vehicle Backup / Reverse, Waterproof