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Rosalie J.
This mini straightener is my favorite

We have a lot of girls in it, so there are a lot of hair styling tools too like chi, conair, babyliss, etc. This mini hair straightener is on the top of my favorites. Not only its design, but also its perfect result for my short hair. I feel like it heats up instantly to a high heat and easily pass through my hair. it makes it easy to curl my hair and turn under the ends in just a single pass. So far so good. I will keep using this little straightener and return to update.

Sharon F.
Very impressed!

Was very impressed with this mini straightener. Needed something small to take to travel out of the country, and this little guy was fantastic! It gets very hot, and is very compact for any kind of travel! Very sleek, attractive design as well! Was more than impressed! Used it to straighten my bangs and the shorter hairs framing my face. Wouldn't quite be ideal to straighten my whole head of hair because it's so long, but it'd be perfect for someone with short hair!

Apple B.
Small, handy, Excellent Product!!!

I just got mine today and I’m really impressed by its performance. At first, I was kinda doubtful since it’s very small but when I start using it, my hair easily straightened and it’s very convenient to use. You can always carry this because it’s very handy so perfect for parties, and any other occasions. I highly recommend this product 100%.

Jamie R.
Best Mini Flat Iron!

Love this mini flat iron. I have tried several different brands of mini flat irons and this is by far the best. It heats up quickly and the two ceramic pads closed properly so that all of the hair being ironed is consistent. There were complaints about the locking mechanism that keeps the iron together when not in use. I found that the locking mechanism works just fine and was not difficult to use. Again, great product. I will be ordering additional ones for gifts as well as one to keep in my gym bag and another to keep in my RV.

Melody P.
Works great on short hair!

Got this for my mom and she loves it. She's growing out her hair from a pixie cut and has never been much for styling- she's a wash and go-kinda lady. This is small enough for her to use easily and to grab the little hairs that flip out behind her ears, which is her biggest issue as her hair is growing. It's made her feel much better about the grow out process knowing that she can use this for 5 minutes and fix up all of her problem areas! Works perfectly for short styles and touch ups, but as it is very small it probably won't be ideal for long hair.

Ada B.
Great Straightener for travel

This straightener is perfect for travel or if you just don’t have a lot of space. I have very thin wavy-straight hair that doesn’t hold heat well. This straightener tames the waves and frizz I have without burning my hair off like some straighteners that get too hot when you use it. It’s a good size for me with my tiny hands and doesn’t grab too much hair at once.

Lorraine G.
Perfect for travel

I don't know why it took me so long to purchase this. I have fine hair that often looks frizzy, even if I blow dry it. I used to travel with a standard sized flat iron, which took up an unnecessary amount of space in my luggage. I was happy to have this on my last trip. It took a little longer to straighten my hair, but it still looked good. Worth noting, it doesn't have any settings or features, just on/off.

Janice S.
Best travel straightener

I could write a whole essay on this straightener but I’ll keep it short and simple.

Pros: Small size makes it easy to use while traveling, heats up quickly, works very well (even on my thick, wavy hair), has a locking mechanism to keep it shut, inexpensive.
Cons: Being as small as it is it may take a little longer to straighten a lot of hair, It does not have any heat settings only an on and off switch.
(but despite this it does not overheat, it stays at a consistent temperature)

Overall I really enjoyed this straightener! And for those of you that travel trust me when I say it will come in handy and takes up very little space.

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Frizoo 2-in-1 Mini Hair Straightener, Ceramic Tourmaline Plate | Beauty Flat Iron Heating Curler