Insertex Reusable Cloth Diaper, 3 Layers 100% Washable Cotton



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Princess Q.
Super absorbent, incredible quality!

GREAT quality- much, much thicker then I had expected and very absorbent. I'm a fairly basic individual and don't have the patience to go through all the hoo-ha of learning something new (especially if it takes a lot of time), but the simplicity of the directions that came along with the diapers made this an easy switch. They are also great burp cloths, cleaning rags, etc.

Diane W.
Soft and definitely thick

This is my first time diapering with cloth and it's definitely an experience. I like how these are not bleached, so they have a natural beige color - works nicely for stains too! They are very thick and they absorb well after the number of washes they advise before use. I thought the seller did very nice to try to keep me prepared and informed prior to when my shipment arrived. I will say, the night time diapers for my 2 yr old soak through, so we actually put a disposable diaper over top of the prefold - avoiding the disposable touching the skin where possible.

Marian D.
Best reusables

We tried other novel reusables with nice prints first because they seem so convenient, but they invariably leaked (synthetic fabrics do not absorb pee...) and we found ourselves changing clothes and blankets every time the baby peed. My husband was about to quit reusables and we were using disposables at night. We then tried these as a last resort, with a diaper cover, and now we have unused disposables as the baby has outgrown the smaller sizes. We hardly ever have to rely on disposable things. If trying reusables, which is totally doable, buy two sets of these to have enough, get the snappy fasteners, and get three or four diaper covers. Assuming you change your baby every few hours (because they’ve peed), they will not leak. Occasionally, you’ll deal with a bit of poop squirting through the side but that will happen with any diaper when they have a big poop. You will do laundry every other day, we generally do laundry 3 times a week, maybe 4 depending on diaper use.Highly recommend these with a diaper cover!

Jolie L.
Good Quality

I’m using cloth diapers for the first time on my third baby. These diapers are soft and fairly absorbent. Stains are going to happen on cream colored cloths that get pooped on regularly. I like to spray the stains with water and leave them on the porch for a few hours on bright days to sun bleach them. I would recommend these for anyone cloth diapering.

Barbara J.
No more (or very few) Leaks!!!

These diapers are the bomb!!! I have tried both the pocket microfiber and the charcoal inserts with poor to fair results. These babies sop up pee like no other for my heavy wetter. No more wet mommy in the middle of the night! Weave just loose enough to have increased absorbency. Not the "cheese cloth" some other brands make theirs out of now. No special care, I just run them through the wash... sometimes twice just to be certain, i get more staining with a single wash but stains are not a big deal. As long as they are clean and my baby doesn't get rashes--which she doesn't! I use mine with the pocket covers for a cover (not inserted into the pocket), fold down in front. No pins or claw grips needed. Works super great every time! Only on super major blowouts do we get some little leakage.

Melissa R.
Good product over all

These diapers do a good job of keeping my baby dry. I always change him as soon as he pees, and with other diapers he seems to soak right through anyway, with these he does not! I am giving four stars instead of five because I found the photos to be somewhat deceiving. My son is halfway between the size of the children in the photos, both are pictured wearing the diapers pinned around them, and I can not wrap these diapers around my son to pin them. I have no choice but to use them as inserts. However, they get four stars because they still get the job done.

Avery C.
Absorbent, soft, burp cloths!

Just what I was looking for! A relative gifted me adorable handmade burp cloths with my first child. Hands down the best burp cloths I used so this time around I purchased these and a yard of cute flannel to make my own! 1 yard of flannel made 10 cute, soft, and absorbent burp cloths.

Chenny P.
Super absorbent. I even use them to dry babys ...

OMG! I can't rave enough about these. I use them as burp cloths and when I'm feeding my baby the bottle. These are supreme. Super absorbent. I even use them to dry baby's hair after shower. Love love love. And I keep them in my baby bag for any spills. They clean it up. Perfectly. Best buy ever. They wash like new every time. I wish they had it in bigger size. As towels. Super durable. Thanks to these my baby hasn't gotten an ear infection.

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