Exeligo Over-Ear Foldable Bluetooth Headphones | Wireless and Wired Stereo Headset with Microphone

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Russel B.
Good noise cancelling headphones

The product picture looks very pretty. And it is very pretty. A little bit bulky though. But it does has a nice case to carry and can easily fold into it. The noise cancelling works great. And I like the easy pairing. Batter life is long. And sound quality is good.

Marvin M.
Larger than expected

These were much larger than I expected them to be. This was my bad. I simply had erroneously, envisioned them much smaller. They do fold up, for travel, but the case is still rather large. I can solve this by transporting the headphones in bubble wrap w/o the case. These work very well, and are a great price for the value. They are comfortable and lightweight, and appear to be made well. I was not looking for noise cancellation, so it does not bother me that they allow a bit of noise. I actually WANT to hear the flight attendant when they ask if I want a meal. Based on what you may be listening to, they do eliminate some exterior noise,. Naturally, listening to music would eliminate the most. I do Audible. These are a great value for the price you pay. I certainly recommend.

Chris M.
Bought for my 9 year old

She likes to listen to her music in the car and she tangles cords in a BAD way. She has been using about 3 months now and it seems the battery life holds up really well. She does not complain they hurt on her head, which she has complained in the past about. They come with a nice travel case too, once again great for kids. She also told me the headphones will tell you how much battery life they have through your phone. Very pleased with the purchase

Elsa R.
Love these!!! They’ve been a quarantine lifesaver lol

Ok so, I am currently staying with my best friend and her family... and it’s loud here. Small kids running around all day kinda loud lol And I love it here, but I’m a writer who needs peace to focus. Normally i would go to a cafe or something but we’re under quarantine so that’s not an option. These headphones have been a lifesaver! I put them on, turn up some classical music and I am in my own little world. They cancel out the noise pretty well if you get them on the right volume, the sound quality is great and they are comfortable. The only complaint that i really have is the top headband piece; the cushion isn’t quite thick enough. So after a while i have to shift the top so it doesn’t start hurting. It’s a seriously minor complaint though. I’m going to creatively fix that little issue myself, but would be cool if the manufacture fixed that issue. Other than that they are perfection. And the range is amazing. I tested them, left my phone on the dining room table and went down to the basement, sound was still clear as a bell. I’m honestly amazed with these headphones at the price i paid. Super happy with them

Claudia G.
Perfect! ❤

Absolutely perfect. First off I'm a petite lil lady with a wee head and this adjusted well to a comfortable level where these headphones were not hanging below my ears and fit to my ears just perfect and my giant of a teenage son was able to adjust them and they fit him just fine and comfortable as well, though he said kindly that rose pink was not quite his color. Which I have to mention is very attractive with a matching case. Sound is perfect for someone who doesn't want extreme crazy base booming but this has a great sound thats smooth with an edge and vibe for any type of music. Was already charged ready to go so I didnt have to wait just bluetooth and YES. PERFECT! Im in Love
Been using it for a few hours and its still going strong. I do use reading glasses so I did have to adjust the head phones to accomadate and that may have been my only slight uncomfortable moment but other than that, great buy!

Marivic L.
Great for the price

First off, these headphones are very well packaged. I was impressed with how securely they were packaged, even with molded wrapping around the individual ear cuffs. The carrying case has a little pocket so you can keep the cables and user manual or whatever all together with the headphones.
The user manual (at least the English portion) clearly wasn’t written by someone who speaks English, but it was sufficient for me to get the point of how to use them.
When making a phone call, the sound on my end is good, and the other person’s end is sufficient. My husband said I sounded a bit muffled but he could still hear me. The sound from a phone call goes through both ears, which was important to me. They’re not exactly noise cancelling, but they are noise blocking because of being large and fitting over the ears. So it’s still enough noise blocking to suffice for my needs, but I don’t have any little kids or pets whose sounds I need to block out. Now that I have to work solely from home, I needed something that was going to be more comfortable than little tiny earbuds for being on the phone all day long. These will work great for that!

Vico C.
Nice over-ear phone

The ear phone is light weight and very beautiful. It came with a good case instead of hard paper box. It works fine on bluletooth and works better on wire. Overall it's money well spent.

Toni B.
Nice gift for girls

Firstly, the color extracts my attention when I was looking for a bluetooth headphone. When I got it, I realized it's quality is high. There are several functions, not only a heaphone, but you can receive radio!

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