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Genevieve A.
Definitely Buy!

I haven’t used the product long enough to see any results, just got it a couple of days ago, but so far I love it!! My friends use this product and it has all worked for them, and it’s amazing to see. So I’m looking forward to the results!

Rosalie J.
Transformer in a tube!

I take meds that thin my eyebrows terribly and was looking for an affordable alternative to a $100 serum I'd been using for awhile-this is it!! After a little over a week, I can already see a noticeable difference in my brows-the growth is so fast. I'm excited to start using it on my lashes too!

Beverly C.
This is the real deal!!! Hands down!

I’m skeptical of all products and I have to say this is a life changer! I can’t believe how much my eyelashes have grown in just a month. I thought I would never have lashes again. Even though they’re not noticeably longer to others yet because it’s a slow process I see results! I can’t wait to keep using this for months to see the results. All the reviews were right. You cannot go wrong even on brows!!

Katie S.
Best value and great results

After getting lash extensions for 14 months straight, most of my lashes had fallen out and broken off. My eyes looked bald and I didn't want to keep spending a fortune every month to keep them up. After researching, this product had great reviews and was 4-5 times less expensive than the high-end brands. Many YouTube reviews convinced me to try this. My eyelashes look longer, thicker and ones grew in places that had always been sparse. They look better than they ever have!

Tracy M.
Appears to be working!

I waited a few weeks to write this review to confirm my results. It is in fact working and where I had sparse thin lashes- I have noticed them filling in especially at the outer corners. I have always had long lashes but as I age they needed some help- nutriments. I can't wait to see my results after a few months. thank you for a good quality product.

Love L.M.
I'm impressed!

This stuff really works! I've been using it for a month now and I'm already seeing results. The product recommends using it consistently for at least 60 days, so I'm really looking forward to how great my lashes will look after the full two months.

Jenifer W.
Easy to use

I have always gotten my lashes done and the last time they did a lot of damage to my eyes. I found this product that's simple and easy to apply. I just got it so I'm waiting for results but with the reviews I've read, I'm really looking forward to my own lashes. Very fast shipping too.

Jonna M.
It really works!

I turned 50 last year and have noticed a significant thinning of my eyelashes and eyebrows. No amount of mascara or brow filler worked, so I decided to try a lash growth product. I figured the more I spent, the better the product. I was wrong! After wasting money on pricier versions, the 5-star reviews and awesome price-point for FullGaze convinced me to give this a try. It really works! Within two weeks I noticed a difference and it just gets better. My lashes aren't "fake lash" long, but they look longer, fuller, and rock my favorite mascara again. I could not ask for more!

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