Vetzie 15°Tilted Platform Double Pet Bowl Feeder for Cats and Small Dogs

Material: Transparent


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Vincent B.
Love the cat bowls!!!!

I absolutely love theses bowls. I love the shape of the bowls. They are good quality and worth it. My cat has not thrown up in a couple of days now. She was throwing up every day. Really fast shipping arrived ahead of schedule.
Thank you

Charmaine M.
Cats Pride

I like these cat dishes very much, except when it comes to putting water in the dish. My cats tend to paw at their water and it leaves a bit of a mess, otherwise, they seem to be enjoying them very much.

Mariano B.
Recommended to all of my cat friends

My cat really enjoys these new bowls. He was purring and brushing against them as soon as I set them up. (Super easy to assemble) I believe this will really help with his digestion, as well as put less strain on his body while eating. Due to the elevation and angle, I think overfeeding will be a thing of the past.

Donna C.
Made a big difference

One of my cats was projectile vomiting and we could not understand why. Changed food, added more hairball relief but nothing seemed to work. Then I saw an article about possible acid reflux due to animals having to bend over so far to eat and that it caused a lot of vomiting. Bingo! I ordered this set and the vomiting has dropped to almost nothing! This set is nice and light. It gets moved around very easily and is not heavy duty but it does the job and is inexpensive enough to replace as needed. I definitely recommend it and will purchase it again.

Cristine N.
Great quality!

So cute! And my two kitties like it. Easy to clean, good quality, looks nice. Very pleased!

Joanna M.
fits my limited space peurr-fectly

I keep the cat's food on a 2 step ladder, away from the dog. This fits on the step and now she can have her dry and wet food in the same space. Much better for me and her.
The bowls have a rim on the bottom and fit at an angle making it easy for her to get her head inside and it makes eating easier for her.
The bowls clean up better and easier than the bowl I was using. Even when the wet food she doesn't eat is left and gets a bit dry, it comes out easily and quickly at the sink.
She likes having her food in the same place and when she's happy, I'm happy!

Jarred G.
Pleased with it

At first, my cat would not take to it. I think that was because it was a change. Now, she is fine with it. She looks more comfortable as she eats. I like the tilting bowls, and they are adorable. The bowls come out without a problem for fast clean up. I am ordering another.

Ken R.
Wish I would have found this years ago

These bowls have certainly made a difference with the constant up-chucking my cats were doing; I highly recommend.

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Vetzie 15°Tilted Platform Double Pet Bowl Feeder for Cats and Small Dogs