Bylil Professional Painless Nose, Eyebrow and Facial Hair Trimmer | Battery-Operated



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Eris S.
Does the job well

Don't even bother looking for a more expensive unit, unless you really don't want one with removable batteries.

I've used this a couple of times in the shower to test the waterproofing and it works great. No complaints whatsoever. The little brush it comes with is nice to clean the unit out if hair gets stuck.

Virginia L.
Works great for a great price!

Popped it out of the package, only takes one double-A battery. As soon as I put in the battery I used it and it works amazing!!! You can’t go wrong with this product for the price. It’s really simple to use and clean. I hope it lasts forever but if it doesn’t I'll be sticking to this very one.

Karla G.
Good for the price

This noise trimmer is lightweight and easy to use. It does not come with a battery so I need to insert an AA battery myself. The blades are hidden inside, so pretty safe to use, and doesn't make me feel pain at all when trimming. A small brush is provided to clean.

Mae P.
Worth a purchase.

I was looking for a trimmer to trim off the nose and ear hair quick and easy. The trimmers do a great job of giving an impressive close cut. The battery compartment was very easy to open, and the battery easy to install.

Rose H.
Good trimmer for the price.

This trimmer works very well. It is very simple and easy to use. No hassle and it’s very fast. Takes about 30 seconds to get the job done. It doesn’t come with a battery but it takes 1 AA battery. Good for the money.

Mark W.
Rids pesky, unwanted hairs

I got this for my boyfriend because he grew tired of the pain I inflicted while tweezing unwanted hair. I know the hair annoyed him as much as it annoyed me, but he did not find manual tweezing and plucking enjoyable. He has been using this and it has been working great. It is painless compared to our previous process, faster, and more effective. Thank you.

Van H.M.
Nice and Smooth Cutting

It works great for me so far. Actually much better than expected and even better than some of my much more expensive nose hair trimmers I've already had. Thanks to the round shaving head, it feels very comfortable inside the nose and I never had any kind of pain from pulling a hair. Maybe it's also due to the high speed of the motor because it seems to cut much faster than my old trimmer as well. Seems it's cutting nicely and evenly. Nothing was left behind and I've seen the clippings flowing down the drain when rinsing the head. Very lightweight as well. I really love it.

Jamaica G.
painless facial hair remover

This product was purchased to reduce the appearance of facial hair (mustache area) on a teenage girl. She has also tried bleaching and waxing in that area. The bleaching makes the hair lighter but it's still there, and the waxing is excruciating and causes her pimples. This shaver is a nice solution. It does reduce the amount of hair significantly and the process is not dreadfully painful or time-consuming. You have to get really close-up to see any hairs above her lip. The hair shavings are also easy to clean from the device. She is happy with it.

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