Brussh Octopus Shape Handheld Foaming Facial Scrub & Massager | Gentle Cleansing Silicone Face Brush

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Sheena R.
What you need to know on how to use this product correctly

You cannot beat what this product does (especially for the CUTENESS & PRICE)!
I've been using this with two foaming cleansers for over two weeks now - Estee Lauders Perfectly clean multi-action foam cleanser/purifying mask & RICE WATER BRIGHT FOAMING CLEANSER. About ten days later my pores have tightened greatly. I've read a lot about how buyers are just having to put their cleanser ontop of the scrubber because it's not coming through as a foam but you have to use a FOAMING CLEANSER for it to work as pictured. No matter what product you choose ( I highly recommend the rice water bright foaming cleanser) if you have oily, combo/sensitive skin like I do, you'll really be happy with purchasing this product. It's the cheapest thing I've ever bought on Amazon and probably my favorite. You just need to apply a pee-sized amount of your cleanser while pushing the black sponge down, add more water, squish it a few times to let it come through and let it do it's magic! Also, the sponge on the inside is SUPER sanitary and stays clean. It doesn't develop a smell or anything. Truly amazing 🤩

Therese W.
Soft, Effective, Worth the Buy

I love my little face scrubbie. It is cute and soft. I use it when I wash my face every morning and night now. My face feels softer and cleaner. I use the bristle side to gently clean my face and the side but flip it around to the other side to give myself a face massage. It honestly relaxes me.
When I wash my face I wet it, apply a bit of cream cleanser to each zone, and then use my scrubbie to go over my whole face. I’ve found this works better than applying the cleanser directly to the scrubbie. This may be different for different types of face wash.
I would say definitely get this if you are interested

Nadine C.
Looks as pictured, soft

Product looks as pictured. It is a very soft silicone with a sponge inside. Sponge cannot be taken out, but that's okay. I have not used it yet to clean my face, but I think it will do the trick just fine. The bristles are soft but strong enough to do a good cleaning.

Krista M.
Very Cute, and a stimulating cleansing tool.

The finer side of this gives a very soft, mildly exfoliating treatment. The larger 'knobbies' are more for massage. Depending on your skin type, you will want to regulate how much pressure you use with this. It has a sponge inside, which you are supposed to wet and then squirt some of your cleanser into the bottom opening, but I haven't found this a useful way of distributing the cleanser. I wet my skin, apply cleanser, and then use the dampened 'Octopus'. It gives a very thorough and stimulating cleansing.

I continue to be impressed with the thoughtfulness and care that go into Korean skin care items, even to the packaging. This will make a nice stocking-stuffer at Christmas for some young ladies I know who are practicing Korean skincare.

Ivory C.
Great Cleansing and Exfoliating Tool

I bought this because my Clarisonic broke. I used it 2-3 times a week and found it to be a cute and effective tool. I rarely wear makeup, but when I do, it is often heavy. This tool (in combination with my cleanser) got it off every time. My makeup is also dark, but it never stained. It's really good at clearing up the black heads on the nose. After reading some of the reviews when I initially purchased it, I became curious and decided to test how sanitary/safe it is. After five months, I removed the sponge and turned the silicone inside out. Besides two tiny pieces of dead skin, it was fine. There wasn't an odor or mold. However, similar to a Clarisonic brush head, for sanitary purposes, this should be replaced every three months or so. I look forward to getting this product again.

Ivy G.
Purchased months ago - still going strong. Still adorable.

I was looking for a soft scrubbie for my face and when I saw this cute little guy, I knew it'd be perfect - and it is! The top is scrubby but not too abrasive, so I can scrub pretty hard without it scratching the bejaysus out of my face. There is a sponge inside that fills up with whatever soap I'm using so I don't have to worry about running dry. I use a stick cleanser, rub it on my face, scrub away with this thing, and rinse it out under the water. The inside spongey is removable so if you don't like it for some reason, you can just take it out.
Anyway, I bought this thing months ago and it is still in perfect condition with daily use and its adorable little face is still well intact. I mean, just look at it. How could anyone not want it in their life immediately?

April W.
Super Cute

How cute is this. Beautiful baby pink with soft brushes. Perfect for gifting as well. I am going to use it frequently and also will carry this with me when I will travel.

Apple L.
Adorable and functional!

I love this little cleanser brush! It is soooo cute!! I usually wet the brush and then pump cleanser into the center where the sponge is exposed. There are two sides to the product- one softer side for cleansing and massaging and then a side with the sponge exposed and raised ridges. I don't like the side with the exposed sponge as much because it's harsher on the skin.

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