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Louie P.
Cute design & well made

We use these at our baby swim time class. They fit well-we use them on top of a reusable swim diaper kind of as a backup/double duty, but we've also used them on their own. Baby has never pooped in them, so I can't attest to how well they contain anything yet. Cute designs. I do wish that the snap onto the front instead of the back though-makes getting this on my baby just a little difficult, but nothing too bad.

Edison F.
I wish I knew about these diapers years ago. ...

I wish I knew about these diapers years ago. I would have saved a lot of money by not buying disposable things. I have a 17 lbs baby and a 30+lb toddler and this product fits both of my children.

Jenifer W.
LOVE these!

So adorable and fits great! I bought these for my 19 month old, fit exactly how it should have! She loved it and it looked so comfortable at the beach compared to the disposable I used last summer. Will only be using this now since they are way more absorbent and softer than the disposable ones. Not to mention way better for the environment. I just rinse it out when we change her out of the bathing suit and throw it in the wash. It also helps that the buttons make this so easy to get on and off!

Tracy M.

I can't believe I waited to get these for my kiddos until they were two!!! I NEEDED these last summer and didn't even know it!!! So much better than buying known brands Little Swimmer OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!! I just make sure I have 2 for each case of one getting soiled, then I have a back up!!! And you cannot beat this price!!! I got 2 pairs of really great quality swim diapers for the price of 1 diaper at Target, which is my FAVORITE store ever!

Ludwig H.
Great diaper for swimming!

Great swim diaper. Has lots of options to make as tight or loose as you need. Have worn it many times to the sand beach and chlorine pool and the diapers look like new. Just like any swim diaper it's not meant to hold pee only poop so don't put on before arriving at the water.

Andie J.
Great swim diapers!

Used these all summer, from about 4 months to 9 months, and I'm almost certain we will be able to use them next year as well. They are highly adjustable. Fit well, though I can't attest to how they contain messes, as our boy never had any (pooping was a prerequisite to going to the pool!) Wash well, though I hesitated to put them in the dryer and always hung them up. I really liked the fact they were reusable! He loved the pool so they saw at least weekly use all summer. Recommend!

Love L.M.
Easy to use and cute

These have cute designs and hold up to constant use by our little water baby. They have always been a little too tight and the snaps are confusing to everyone I've had do them when I couldn't. Of course, you don't want them too loose either! It can be a swimsuit substitute at the beach if needed too. :)

Michael S.

These are the best things ever!!! I wasted so much money when my now 2 year old needed swim diapers! I decided for my new little one I would look into something reusable. I couldn't be happier with These! Not only are they super cute patterns but they have so many sizing options I can get a perfect fit for him! Will definitely buy again when I need to size up!

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