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Rose H.
Great value!

Super cute and they are such a great value since they are so adjustable. My daughter wore hers for the first time when she was 2 mos old and they fit on the smallest setting and we will continue using them for many summers to come. Way better than those soggy one use swim diapers.

Mark W.
Very good swimming diaper!

My baby is 6 months and she likes swimming very much. As her weight is a little high, we hope she can keep the body fit. So this swimming diaper is what we need! It seems like a little large for a 6 mos old baby, but its design is adjustable. So my baby can suit it very well. I do appreciate this product and recommend it to all moms.

Jamaica G.
Would recommend

Bought these for my sons swim class, who is 15 months old. I love how they have multiple snaps to adjust to his size as he grows. Easy to put on and take off. We have yet had an accident in them so I can’t speak to that but I definitely would recommend

Donna C.
Great swim diapers!

Used these all summer, from about 4 months to 9 months, and I'm almost certain we will be able to use them next year as well. They are highly adjustable. Fit well, though I can't attest to how they contain messes, as our boy never had any (pooping was a prerequisite to going to the pool!) Wash well, though I hesitated to put them in the dryer and always hung them up. I really liked the fact they were reusable! He loved the pool so they saw at least weekly use all summer. Recommend!

Joanna M.
Great diaper for swimming!

Great swim diaper. Have lots of options to make as tight or loose as you need. Have worn it many times to sand beach and chlorine pool and diapers look like new. Just like any swim diaper it's not meant to hold pee only poop so don't put on before arriving to the water.

Charmaine M.
LOVE these!

So adorable and fits great! I bought these for my 19 month old, fit exactly how it should have! She loved it and it looked so comfortable at the beach compared to the disposable I used last summer. Will only be using this now since they are way more absorbent and softer than the disposable ones. Not to mention way better for the environment. I just rinse it out when we change her out of bathing suit and throw it in the wash. It also helps that the buttons make this so easy to get on and off!

Heidi S.
Great way to save money!

These are a great way to save money on ridiculously priced swimmie diapers, but run small. My 11 month old will only get this one summer out of them. Too tight in the legs for her chunky baby thighs!

Cristine N.
Easy to use

They work well, but fit a little too snug for my liking. That said, we’re still using them for our weekly swim lessons. I do like that they grow with your child up to a certain point by having snaps at different intervals to make them fit larger or smaller.

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