Charcosy Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper with Double Gussets

Print: Unicorn


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Ritch A.
Don’t want with the huge open flap in the front unless you like to wear pee yourself

Love the double gussets that help with leak protection. Also I bought this for the deer print as that’s hard to find a cute one. This would have been even better if it came with an insert. I do not like the open area in the front of the diaper as the flap always folds up and ends up getting clothes soaked. I would buy more of this brand if it didn’t have that open area and it only has the stretchy area to put the insert in at. That open flap makes no sense at all and is useless and annoying.

Ada B.
Solved my Heavy Wetter Issue!!

Purchased these because I own a few of this brand of diapers and I was looking for a no leak night time solution. Two nights with no leaks so far, so I would definitely recommend it. I do stuff additionally because my daughter is a heavy wetter.

Melody P.
A must have!!

A must have for cloth diapering. Affordable and cute. Well made! I mostly have regular pockets in my collection, this one is a little different with the other leg elastic guard. Hopefully it will contain my little boy's blowouts! I Just wish this came with an insert! One must be added to the pocket before it can be used!

Peter R.
I also really like that I can add another insert for nighttime and ...

My toddler loves the balloon print and the insert is very absorbent. I also really like that I can add another insert for nighttime and naps.

Alfred M.
Absorbent and cute!

I love all in one diaper. These have charcoal for The absorbency layer and they take WAY longer than my other diapers to dry but they are great quality and have a really nice inner leg PUL and elastic piece. Extra protection!
They also have a pocket. I’m assuming it’s in case you want to use them as an overnight diaper and stuff a little extra insert in there for added absorbency but I’ve never seen an AI2 diaper with that. Not sure if I like that or not yet lol I’m so used to having a totally sewn-up AI2 but these are great diapers.

Billy W.
Great diapers

There absorbent and a great AI2 the prints are cute the wings are a little strange and long so it’s different than most diapers but still works great

Lorraine G.
Great product

I like that it is better than microfiber. It's always best to have a hemp insert or bamboo or cotton doubler in it. Hemp works best if the child is heavy wetter. U can use without insert during the day but might need changed within 2 hours.

Janice S.
Nice Quality & Holds Up Well

These designs are so cute! They hold up well and I love the double gusset feature “just in case”. We currently use them for night time and have used them a couple of times in the day because the design is so sweet.

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Charcosy Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper with Double Gussets