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Eris S.
so far, so good

I had this for about 6 mos. now and it's still good. My grandson and I tried the shock option up to 50 on our hands so I would know how much the dogs could handle if I used that option. My dogs did not react to the beeps and the vibration was set to 75. Sometimes, they listened, sometimes they didn't. I did try the shock a couple of times at 55 and they did react to that. It was more of a startled reaction, no hurting involved; as we did try it on ourselves first.

Ernest J.
Great deal, works long distances

I’ve bought two of these collars, one for my dog and one for my mom’s dog. This device has been a lifesaver. We live in a rural area and my dog loves to roam, but once I got the collar she’s been so much better. I‘ve only had to shock her a couple of times, and now she responds great to the beep or vibration without the shock. Over time she’s learned her boundaries and does pretty good if I’m consistent with catching her before she leaves the yard and sending a beep to her collar. I don’t have the time or interest in doing an underground fence and this collar has been a great alternative. There have been a couple of occasions where I wasn’t paying attention and my dog ran quite a ways off, but this collar brought her back to us because of the far distance it reaches. I’m convinced my dog would have been lost for good without her collar. I’ve had mine not quite a year and it still works well and holds a charge great. The vibration has appeared to stop working, but my dog responds to the beep so it doesn’t really bother me. I’ll be buying the same collar again when this one quits. I’ve been very happy with it and after looking at all the other options you certainly can’t beat the price!

Christopher W.
Best decision ever!!!

I’ve used it every day for two weeks on a 60lb dog that pulls like crazy. I’ve tried every collar/leash known to the internet. I finally decided on a remote training collar. After 2 weeks my boy is actually walking leashless and already responding to voice commands. I’m truly blown away how easy this is and how well it works. CANINEVILLE is a great training collar and I highly recommend it! Don’t be afraid of the shocking part I’ve only used it twice and we are even off vibrating and only use the beeping or my voice. Don’t hesitate!

Virginia L.
Dog learns quick from it

Very effective training machine. My dogs bark to the postman like crazy every day. I tried this on my poodle and he learned quickly. I haven’t tried the shock yet, but I think beeping as a warning then vibrating is good enough for him. He learns to stop once he hears the beep sound. I am pleased with purchase and I am going to buy another one for my other dog to keep her crazy barking

Aira C.
works great!

I put this on my very stubborn dog and it only took a few times for her to learn! The beeping noise did nothing to stop her. She doesn't like the vibration, but that doesn't always stop her behavior. The shock though works! I tested it on myself first and it feels like you touched an electric fence. No pain, just an uncomfortable strange sensation. I have only used it on a low setting for the shock, but it definitely gets her attention and she follows commands immediately. I used this collar for about 2 weeks off and on and ever since then she's mellowed out. If she does start to act up I just need to show her the collar (not even put it on her) and she corrects her behavior. I have 2 other friends who have used this same collar with great success too. I was training my dog not to jump on people, bark, and to stop biting/mouthing people. This worked great to stop all 3 behaviors.

Levi L.
Does what it says it does!

Works well, however, our mastiff pitty mix will ignore the shock when his reward out ways the risk. Not enough of a kick to stop him from chasing a squirrel, but it does stop him when he jumps on our glass doors. He is unusually large and bull-headed though. I think for most "normal" dogs with diligent and devoted owners, this product will work fine.

Krisha G.
If you have a dog who needs training, you need this

I was about to give my dog up because he was a nightmare, biting, nipping, my arms were bruised and looked like my husband was beating me & he simply wouldn’t listen. I contacted our trainer and they said it would be $4000 to correct his behaviors, I didn’t have $4000! As a last resort, I got this, I had to shock him 3 times while correcting his behaviors and now he’s an angel! I shocked myself first, so I felt confident in the adjustable settings and knew I wasn’t really hurting him. This product is amazing! I can’t say enough great things about it! Battery life is great, the range is awesome, adjustable settings shipped quickly and it’s easy to use and understand. Thank you!

Carol D.

Great product, at first I thought I would return it as I tested it on my dog and he did not react to the shock, which really surprised me since I tested it on myself and it hurt! I jumped! For the dog, however it was more like a tens or electrical stim you get at the chiropractor and he really had no reaction to it. So I decided to try using the beep followed by the vibrate when he didn’t respond to the verbal commands. Well he hates, hates, hates the vibrate! and since he knows the vibrate follows the beep, he gets in line pretty quickly. He has been crossing the road when he is out and this has worked wonders and stopped him dead in his tracks! it has also helped with indoor training; begging, barking and crying. Great product!

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