SaverStraw Emergency Drinking Straw & Portable Water Purifier for Camping & Hiking | 99.99% Filtration



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Ivan R.
Awesome product to have no matter the occasion.

The Saver Straw is one amazing product to have on hand. You never know when you might need clean water and don’t have access to it. Unless the water is contaminated this will give you 1,000 gallons of drinking water. I noticed people commenting on needing to suck harder or it not being convenient getting on the ground and dirty. This isn’t a straw to drink outbid a cup. It NEEDS to filter out the bacteria and other crap. Maybe the ones that left a 1star review because it’s hard to suck need to quit smoking or practice working their lungs or something. I bought this for SHTF scenario. Great to have peace of mind knowing I have potentially thousands of gallons of water on standby.

Ritch A.
Easy To Use, Effective, And Convenient To Carry Wherever You Go

This is an item I feel everyone should have in their car, backpack, briefcase, or anything you carry with you daily, especially if you travel internationally to countries that have suspect or not reliable water supplies. Excellent device and very fairly priced.

Adrian C.
sturdy and doesn't take up much room

I have six of these. one in each car and backpacks we take hiking. It is our safety measure in case we get lost on trails or while four wheeling. sturdy and doesn't take up much room.

Jamie R.
Definitely get a few of these in case of emergency!

a lot of people talk about stocking up on water and food in case of an emergency, and that's important! But having this in your car or bug-out bag is even more important! This heavy-duty filter can let you drink puddle or pond water safely if you are stranded or in an emergency situation. Highly recommended!

Jayson J.
A must have in your Emergency kit

No questions, no doubt...A must have for your ‘bug-out’ bag. We have one each for our Emergengy ‘to go’ bags. Then one in our car emergency kit. Then we just ordered two for flight ‘carry-ons. We travel out of the United States a lot and have found it often difficult to find proper bottled water that we’re confident drinking. This way we feel ‘no real worries’ . We’ll still be cautious of course, but having the SaverStraw will certainly help!

Apple B.
Worked like a charm

Used it on a hike recently; tried different configurations as shown, with the drinking straight out of the river, and out of a wide-mouth bottle. The flow-rate through the SaverStraw is a little reminiscent of drinking a really thick milkshake, which is understandable considering the filter basically gets everything. When I filled up my nalgene with water from the stream, after walking a bit I could definitely see the sediment start to settle; even made sure to get some with the straw just to see. Worked like a charm, just need to remember to blow into it afterwards to clear out the straw.

Paul D.V.
Great for camping.

It is everything you would expect from SaverStraw. It works exactly as they say. Instructions included for ease-of-use. Filters out most things you would prefer not to drink. This is my third SaverStraw. I do a lot of hiking and camping, and these have always been in my backpack. I have used these on some very funky water sources and have had no issues. However, taste variance has been present from time to time.

Harvey L.
So far no sickness haha and he said that the water flow through it is good.

We took these to Costa Rica just in case we were not near any normal water source. We ended up not needing them bc Costa Rica has their water game on lockdown. We ended up giving them to a friend who is traveling around Thailand and Cambodia. He said he has used them while hiking in the mountains and they have worked very well. So far no sickness haha and he said that the water flow through it is good.

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