FitArmour Ear Warmer Headband | Winter Fleece Ear Cover for Men & Women

Color: Dark Grey


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Chad S.

Wore this for a spartan race in big bear and it helped keep my ears and face warm during freezing snowing weather! Even after going under the dunk wall and being completely soaked from head to toe including the headband it still kept me warm.

Anthony P.
Fantastic product

This is actually the perfect thing to have in the winter. It's VERY lightweight but TOTALLY warm. It's not so tight that it's squeezing your brains out, but still snug enough that I could probably wear it all day with 100% comfort. One of my favorite things about this is that the ear parts are loose enough that I can wear dangly earrings with it! Doesn't ride up or slip down. I just wish it came in more colors!

Gregory D.
Keeps the ears warm...

It does what it is supposed to do and keeps my ears warm while running or working out in the cold. Stays in place just fine, I would say I have a normal size head for a female. It is not tight-fitting, but I like that. Don’t want to feel that it’s actually there when running, just want my ears warm, not my head squished too!

Richard P.
Keeping warm

I wear this every night and morning because we live in AZ. My husband is always hot and with the air at 78 and the ceiling fan and regular fan blowing on us my ears are always extra cold.

Jackson J.
Nice Ear Warmers.

Purchase these for those cool mornings (somewhere around 35 to 40 degrees) on the golf course. Fairly lightweight, but does a good job of keeping the chill off my ears. Not as heavy as the product I used when skiing the Rockies, but again, adequate for our cool mornings.

Lindsay W.

I use this when I work out in winter. Most of my exercises are cycling. This really keeps my ears warm.
Even better, it provides good insulation around my forehead area, so that I don't have to wear beanies. The head area loses a significant amount of heat, and this fleece warmer helps a lot.

Pamela M.
Being prepared!

I love being prepared for future things and autumn/winter is coming soon. This will for sure keep me warm especially because I’m always cold. Very snug but lightweight. Definitely see myself taking walks or runs with this and it staying in place!

Bonna S.
Nice & Warm, Happy Ears.

I wished it had a Velcro on the back for adjusting but otherwise, it kept my ears nice & warm. I’m always in a ponytail so I needed just a wrap around. It’s soft & sizing wasn’t a problem. I have a small head and it stayed in place without any issues. This item worked well. The price is very reasonable. Yes, I recommend it.

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FitArmour Ear Warmer Headband | Winter Fleece Ear Cover for Men & Women