OutdoorZ Bicycle Floor Pump with High Pressure Gauge Up to 160 PSI



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Sam J.

Amazing, it really is very good. I was told to buy a much more expensive one but this one is remarkably stable, smooth and relatively easy to use. By the way, people say all decent pumps are the same. That isn't true. A wider pump cylinder with a pump handle that extends 24" pumps a tire up faster then one that is the same length tube and pump handle but with a narrower cylinder. However, a narrower cylinder, since it is pushing in less air over the same 24" will be easier to put when you get to the high pressure area of 100 - 145 lbs. psi. OK, so this one is just a touch narrower then the one I have been using and going from 120 to 140 was considerably easier to pump. If it doesn't break, it will be perfect for me. Also, the handles are easier on your hands then a basic round handle.

Mike S.
This is the best pump I have ever purchased

This is the best pump I have ever purchased. From the look and feel you can tell that this is quality and not junk that is going to break on you in a short time. The PSI goes up to 160, not that I would ever need that much (not yet anyway), but it's good to always have extra. The large pressure readout gauge is easy to read, and tested to be accurate. The pump action is very smooth and the shaft even comes oiled. The stand at the bottom is very sturdy and holds it securely in place.

Bella B.
Unlock, attach and lock.

Works great. As a first time pump user, it took me a few minutes to understand that you have first to leave the arrow on the "unlocked" position, attach to bike and only then lock it. I could easily pump bikes tires.

Lucy J.
Impressive customer service, great bike pump

Received the item on a Friday, in no time at all, I got an email from the seller asking me if it arrived and was in good condition and if I was happy about my purchase. I think that's the first time I've had such prompt customer service just to check if I got my stuff ok. So I was impressed by that. Used it immediately on my project bike that had two flat tires. It worked extremely well, much better than the previous twenty years worth of various cheaper bike pumps that I've used over the years. So, so far, so good. Overall I'm happy with my purchase. I'll probably update my review in a few months after I've used it a few times.

jacob t.
They stood behind their pump!

Easier to pump road-bike tires to ~105 PSI than many of my friends pumps - this is, perhaps, the most important thing for many users. Easy to use valve-lock mechanism that seems like it is built to last. Easy to read Gauge (although I sometimes hold a single AAA-cell flashlight in my mouth to pump up the tires on dark 6:30 AM mornings).

Dave L.
Well made bicycle pump.

This pump was a replacement for an old one whose head recently fell apart. It never function well anyway so I was looking for an alternative.Right out of the box this pump worked better. The head securely latches on to the valve and the pump works fast. The built in gauge works well, though it could have better colors to make it easier to read for old eyes. I am confident it will last longer than the previous pump. Definitely a good deal!

Cory D.
Solid pump bargain price!

After reading about a lot of good bike pumps that had issues especially with Presta valves. I found this new beauty. Just received and used it. Feels very solid and the hose is nice and long. Pressure gauge seems to work ok. I don't have anything to compare it to. So far it is a solid pump for a bargain price. Using once a week on a road bike and 2-3 times a week on my son's BMX bike at the track. The pressure gauge seems to work well. I do not have anything to compare it to, but at 90-100psi for the road bike and BMX bike the resistance feels the same on both and the tires on both bikes feel as they should.

Russel B.
The best pump bar none

I have been riding bikes for 4 decades and in the course I have gone through countless pumps. I have been luke warm about most of them feeling like they just a utility tool. This however is different. I want to go out and top off the air in our bikes even if they are full. The pump is superbly designed. Feels great. The valves fit perfectly. The pump motion is seamless. The large pressure dial is one of a kind. The craftsmanship is unique and the price very reasonable. This pump is a superb value. I bought a second one recently as a gift. Strongly recommended.

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OutdoorZ Bicycle Floor Pump with High Pressure Gauge Up to 160 PSI