BookInk Paint Brush Set Nylon Hair Painting Kit│10 Pcs.



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Penelope C.

I recently got into paint by number and wanted to see how a few other brush types would work. I really like the verity and testing them out. The quality seems pretty good, with no stray bristles shooting off. Can’t beat the price either.

Cynthia W.
Great little brush for the money!

Been using these paintbrushes for a few weeks now with NO regrets! They have not shed, easy to clean nylon bristles which are not too thick but not thin. I have bought other brushes and the bristles so thin you get lines while painting, these are just right. I have been using them for detailed painting and they work great. Truthfully, they are probably meant to be disposable, however, I have not thrown one away yet. Clean with soap and water. My husband took a few and detailing the inside of our vehicles.

Lucy J.
Works great and cleans nicely

Works great for painting rocks along with painting pens. Remember do not let your brushes sit in paint jars. Clean them gently then lay them on a towel until you use them again. Leaving them in water ruins the wood and the brush.

Olivia C.
No issues so far!

I buy a lot of paintbrushes and I usually have the problem with the bristles falling out while I am painting. I have not had that problem so far! I like that there are so many because I like to cut the bristles to specific shapes when I do universe paintings. I am super rough with brushes, so I needed a lot of them. I have snapped the handles of a bunch of brushes and that has not happened with these yet. They seem to have a little give that keeps me from snapping the handle off. All in all, I am happy with my purchase.

Amor P.
Mini painting

A nice quality set of brushes. This is great for miniature paintings or detail work. I think this would also work well with watercolors because the bristles are so soft. If you do use acrylic with this the only hard part about cleaning them is when the paint gets in the very top where the bristles meet the metal. I think this set is not just for beginners but also for seasoned artists. You can never have too many paintbrushes. Happy Painting!

Anton Y.
Good brushes for the use.

Ordered the paintbrushes for a wine and design type of event. They did great. No broken pieces or anything. They are great for painting on ceramic and canvas. They are a little hard to clean after being left in the paint for a couple of hours. I left them in warm water with a couple of drops of Clorox and that did its magic.

Travis W.
Great Buy for chocolate art or regular art!

These brushes arrived quickly and were well packaged. I am using these for painting chocolate in chocolate molds and for chocolate design. There is no smell, they are easy to use, wash, and they haven't shed at all, good price too with several brush sizes.

Maui D.
Nice assortment of sizes...great price!

These work great for small art & craft projects. I build dollhouses and miniatures and go through a lot of brushes...these are very similar to the middle-grade packs you might purchase at Joann’s or Michael’s...a better deal on purchasing online and I didn’t have to leave the house.
I use with acrylic paint and just rinse well right after use, pat excess water out, and let them air dry brush side up in a basket!

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BookInk Paint Brush Set Nylon Hair Painting Kit│10 Pcs.