Veurs Painting Knife Set│Stainless Steel and Wood Palette Painting Tool Set for Mixing Paints │5 Pcs



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Aurora S.
Pallet knife durability

I am a mixed-medium artist. I have been using pallet knives as one of my main tools from mixing paint, adding texture with acrylics, and adhering paper and fabric to canvases. In the past, I have gone for the cheapest option, plastic. They broke all the time! And then I found these and I am in love with them. The variety of knife shapes, sizes, and metal flexibility is fabulous. The versatility of the different knives is just what I needed to improve my work. Also, they don’t break! I am pretty rough with them. I highly recommend this product.

Jayson T.
Great price and quality

The delay in shipment sort of put me off a bit BUT, once received, I am VERY pleased and surprised that for this price, I could get this product. Although these are not the highest quality, I highly recommend these for beginners and intermediate.

Brian T.
Handle well

I wish I could say that I’ve been using these for artistic painting purposes but no, I’ve been using them to help fill holes in the wall. They work great for it. I imagine they’ll work just as well with acrylics, oils, and whatever else I have in the so-called studio.

Ryan A.
Fantastic with textured paints

Cheap and they work. Not to lite on the flex but they move to paint, and they mix paint. save your brushes and allow the blades to work. Fantastic with textured paints. I paint with acrylics and have to think that for oils, one has to have them in their tools. Interesting projects using just the knives ( or the main tool instead of brushes all the time).

Lady L.
Makes Blending Colors So Much Easier.

These are well made and work great for their purpose. Easy to handle, clean up well, and store easily in a jar on my craft table. I am happy I finally purchased these tools.

Arrah G.
Great quality tool

Great for DIY projects. I use these to apply liquid wood epoxy compounds (thin and thick), wood putty for finishing wood moldings, smoothing silicone chalk, and more. They're great for precision finishing work and the stainless steel on the tools hold-up to harsh epoxies, glue compounds, and other adhesives while cleaning easily. The wood handles also held up to the amount of force used to push putty into tight cracks and small holes.

Colbert S.

Perfect amount of flexibility. Don’t feel cheap to me. If you use plastic ones you will like this better. If you have really nice expensive ones then I can’t say how you will like these, but they work well.

Art W.
Wonderful pallet knives for artist who love to mix their colors

Wonderful pallet knives for artists who love to mix their own colors. Also for the artist who loves to use them as "brush" to paint a picture.
I recently found they are great for cooking and baking. Their blades are flexible and easy to clean & are perfect for detail work on baked goods. A truly multi-faceted tool, I love!!.

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Veurs Painting Knife Set│Stainless Steel and Wood Palette Painting Tool Set for Mixing Paints │5 Pcs