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Dominique T.
Finally something that works

For years I've been modifying, plastic containers, cat fountains, baking dishes.... nothing worked. You see, cockatiels love to bathe in the rain, and parakeets love wet greenery, like cut up lettuce or trimmed wheatgrass that is wet (plus rain to get them really going.)
This thing lets me put a small fountain pump with the spray head attached without everything spraying all over the place when an overly excited bird starts throwing it around.
I did put some snacks in it first to get them interested. I did fill it with water and the pump later the same day and the Tiels loved it. (. sorry, no pic)

You also could try putting some vinyl or duct tape on the bottom from the outside, if your bird is freaked out by the clear bottom, or just set the whole thing on top of the cage or inside to get started. the quality is great and the thing assembles easy.
Just be aware if your cage has small spaced bars, the hooks will not fit, they are too big. I also had to adjust one of the hooks in order to get it on my "hagen vision cage". took 2 min and a drill.
I am very happy with this product for my rather small birds, I am not sure how well it withstands the violent abuse of a curious African Grey.

Tristan G.
Sturdy and Quality

Love the fact this is available! My grey still hasn’t used it but I have hope and will continue trying. I placed it over one of the breeder box holes and/or feeder door.
Pro: clear - latches easily to cage - textured floor - good size opening - pieces secure together nicely - sturdy strong plastic
Cons: I wish I could easily remove the base so it’s easier to fill and wipe out. Also wish the base could be secured alone - this would be helpful to get her used to going in the thing. She may be less scared if the top was open.

Mark H.
Contains the crazy.

My African Grey is super picky and terrified of anything new. She tolerated this bath being near her cage with no issues so I hung it in one of her feeder door openings since she has a water bottle. The opening on the bath is slightly bigger than the feeder opening on a full size parrot cage so it’s perfect. My grey is small so that opening is just a tad bigger than her. Yesterday I watched her hop in and fluff up and throw water around like a toddler at the water park. She bathed to her heart’s content without making a mess. It was glorious. I am so glad I got this for her so now she can take a bath whenever she wants.

Roma S.
Love this BATH

In the photo and video of the bath here, I was afraid that our African grey would be to large for it. I was 100% pleased to see that I was WAY wrong. It has hooks for cages that you are able to open up a side door and it has hooks to hang on the INSIDE as well in case like our new cage, theres not a way to hang it on the outside. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THIS bath. Well well worth the cost.

Pinky S.
Works great

Must take out the bath when it needs cleaning. The screws are easy to remove but if you have a cranky conure, it can be a bit tricky. She enjoys the bath and is not afraid of it.

Samuel R.
It’s a Winner!

Really a good little bird bath! My little Diamond Doves love this bath! They are very shy so I have not seen them use it but the remaining feathers and water gone says they use it!

Pretty cool little item for the price!

Ken R.
It is big and clear and non-threatening

It was exactly as described on the site. it is big enough for my parrot to go in and not fell unsafe. She did not screech at it at all as she usually does with anything new. I put it on a table by her cage so she could look at it and when I put it in with a little water she went right in. Love it

Robin W.
Great size and sturdy.

Perfect size for my cockatiel. I love that its enclosed so less mess.

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