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Gian C.S.
Perfect Pest Control

This product started working right away. We don't see any pests in our basement or upstairs any more. You just have to plug it in and let it do the work. It is better then using heavy chemicals in the house. I was worried that it might bother my cats or dog. As soon as I plugged it in, my cat walked right by it and didn't even notice. It doesn't bother my pets at all.

Jerico M.
Effective repellent.

They came nicely packaged and were very easy to start using, just plug them in strategically where you are having an issue with insects(pests). Befor installing it, it specifically says in the instructions that bugs may be running away so you may see more, and yes I did see more. I think it works with bed bugs too!

There is a blue LED light indicator that lights up on the front to let you know it is powered on and working. At night it is also used as a night light, saving a lot of electricity.

And, the use of ultrasonic pest repellers has no effect on network communication signals. Using it in every room in the home has not affected my Internet speed. Great product, I will buy it again and give it to my friends.

Gregory D.
Got rid of spiders and possibly skunks!!!

So I originally purchased these to try out at my house. The thought process was to get rid of the spiders mainly. I don't have issues with mice or roaches mainly spiders. Well so far I have not seen any! Now I am not really for sure if the frequency emiting from these bother skunks but I will say during the month of February and March,. Skunks have tormented my house for years. And I can't explain why and it could have been coincidental but I have not had any problems with skunks since I put these little guys up! So i am crossing my fingers that these might have solved my problems with spiders and those forsaken skunks ; o ).

Richard P.
No more annoying flying insects

I have been annoyed a lot by the flies getting into our house during the summer time. Although it is not summer yet, it is getting warm here. Flies are waiting outside my screen door and sneak into the house and pollute the food. I put one next to the screen door and notice much less flies get closer to the screen door now. I am going to put one in each bed room to stop the mosquito invading to our sleeping area. Since the sound cannot penetrate the wall or obstacles, it is Breyer to put them 2-3 feet above the floor without any obstacles for The sound to transverse more efficiently.

Jackson J.
Excellent product

Was very happy with the bug repellent. I have placed them around the house and also on my lanai.

One of the nice things about this product is that it is very quiet. The blue glow is perfect as a nite light as well. I have not seen any creatures or evidence of creatures around since plugging them in. If you are looking for this type of product, I highly reccommend this one.

Chad S.
Finally a Drain fly/fruit fly repellent

We had problems with drain flies or fruit flies, not sure the difference. We tried everything on Youtube, the web and chemical products. They all failed to eliminate these pests. I took a gamble on this product and glad I did. I put 2 in the kitchen, and one in each bathroom. Within a day these little wings were no where. It drove them all away.
It get even better, I put 2 in the garage across from each other. We normally get moths and bugs at night around the lights when I am working out there. These electronic pest controller work, I have yet to have a bug in my garage
I really like this product, easy to use, just plug it in. It has no sound, only a blue light. If it works on these seriously hard to rid pests, safely without insecticides or chemicals, it is a winner in my book.

Pamela M.
Thought it was a Fluke.

I didn't believe in these until I gave in and ordered them. Giant wolf spiders trying to get in during the warm months, I couldn't take it anymore and spraying, vacuuming and sweeping unused areas everyday to twise a day or even bird feeders were doing nothing. I know it says to wait for 3-5 days, then 2 weeks, etc., But in one day I found 6 (dead out of no where) small and medium spiders. I couldn't be happier !!! Ordering a second set to just to throw an extra in a large room and to have on hand. All came working and good quality. Very happy!! Thank you!!

Kevin R.
Working perfectly!

We just got these, and the product is exactly as described. The use of the product as a night light is an added bonus. So far, the areas that had spiders saw an increase in them as predicted in the brochure. Now they seem to have moved on, and we haven’t had issues since. We have been satisfied with the product!

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