Synaty Bird Wooden Hammock Swing for Parrot



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Van H.M.
He does like it but he more just really likes to sit ...

I bought this because my boyfriends Budgie loves hers, so I was hoping it would be the same for my boy Marty McFly. He does like it but he more just really likes to sit on it and chew the chains. Still it's a win.

Heidi S.
My lovebirds LOVE this swing!!

I need to invest in more of these! My 4 lovebirds love this swing and hop back and forth off of it to keep swinging all throughout the day!!

Jamaica G.
Conure loves his swing

My Sun Conure loves this swing and plays on it all the time. We have purchased several of these swings.

John B.

The swing is colorful and attractive. My two canary's have not paid much attention to it yet but I put two other new items in their cages today so they are getting used to them. I would buy again.

Vincent B.
Bird swing

I bought this for my two parakeets but for some reason they didnt like it. I gave it to my daughter who has four finches, and they absolutely love it!

Mariano B.
Fun for my beloved parakeets

My parakeets love it! The chain is sturdy so two can swing at the same time. The colors are bright. I don’t recommend it for birds smaller than a parakeet. If it doesn’t hold up, I will post another review. I just received it yesterday, May 21, 2019.

Donna C.
My Canaries Can be Hogs!

Awesome swing for my canaries. They LOVE it and were literally being hogs when they would get on it and not want to share with the other one. Sometimes they would both try to stand on it at the same time. Now that my female has been sitting in the nest, the male often flys up to the swing with the greens and eats them on there. I like that it keeps my birds occupied. It is very sturdy and looking forward to many years of use from it.

Simon H.
A BIG hit with my finches, once they actually got on it!

My finches LOVE this! It took them awhile to actually get ON it, so I thought they weren't going to use it. When they did finally try it, it turned out to be a big hit. In addition to seeing the birdies enjoy it, I like it because it's a colorful addition to the cage.

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Synaty Bird Wooden Hammock Swing for Parrot