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Roselyn R.
Reesie looks beautiful

Perfect for my 6 lb. beautiful, spoiled rotten Chorkie. Just wish she wouldn't shake them off after five minutes. The clasp is tight, just not enough to stay in when she shakes her head. But seriously adorable. Thankfully there are a lot in case I lose some. Very nice quality and every color in the rainbow, even a little emoji one.

Patricia B.

I LOVE these doggie bows but my 4 month old Golden Doodle knows how to pull them out with her paws and by shaking her head after a couple of hours. I was doing the rubber band bows prior to discovering these and thought clips would be more easier on her furr which in my opinion it is. I just wish these clips had a little more grip.

Angel J.
. Very pretty

Pretty darn cute ! These are great for keeping fur out of eyes...but they are small, so work best for small dogs. I did, however, still put it in my Goldendoodle, and she looked so pretty ! Next time, I'll purchase the ones with alligator clips for my Eskimo. Price was awesome for what you receive.

Aira C.
Nice quality and a great value

This is the 4th package of bows I have purchased from this brand. I have both the clip and the rubber band versions. I put a different bow(s) in my Pekingese’s hair every day, for looks and to keep it out of her eyes. This one is a nice assortment of solids and cute patterns. I have been preferring the runner band versus the clips. So far, none of the bands have broken and are very durable. When I go to take the bow out the band does not get all tangled in her hair. They stay in and she seems to not mind them as she doesn’t fuss when I put them in or try to take them out. It’s a great value and I will continue to purchase from this brand.

Rose H.
Best Dog Bows for Small Dogs

These surpassed my expectations. I needed something super small for my puppy and my 6 pound Maltese. These are the perfect small size and the metal claw that lets you attach the bow to the dog is very sturdy, easy to use and stays on well as long as you put enough hair into it. Also the large variety of colors and designs in each set is great. I also love that it comes with 2 of each pattern in case you want to put one on each ear instead of just one at the top of the head. This is a great value for the price but I don't recommend them for dogs over 6-8 pounds because they are small. But perfect for any puppy or small dog breed. I even use the blue and the black ones for my boy dog.

Jamaica G.
So perfect!

I absolutely love love love these!! They are so perfect for my little Toy Poodle!! They’re made so well with quality materials! I was worried that they might come out easily, but they stay put once I put them in! They look adorable and are just the perfect size!! They arrived quickly as well!

Charmaine M.
Amazing Quality & Price - Poodle love! ⭐️

I received the exact bows as shown in the advertising photos (plus 2 extra)! I was happy that they came in pairs as I wanted them for on top of my dog’s ears. All the other customer photos show little dogs, but I purchased them for my Standard Poodle. I can see how they would work great for large AND small dogs!
They are very well built, stay in great, and don’t pull her hair when removed. They are the exact same bows that my groomer used once before. I was sad when my 4year old lost one of them - now, I’m ecstatic to find 30pairs for such a great price!
I researched long & hard - and these clips had the best reviews combined with the best price!

Russel B.
Items came late

I am excited to get this product right away but I was disappointed with the delivery service. I’ve raised this to the customer reps, I think they are working to offer other delivery service now. I think I will still order again.

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