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Carol D.
Works great on German Shepherds

I love these gloves. They fit perfect and you can strap them on with the Velcro wrist straps to make them snug. I have three German Shepherds that shed constantly and they do not sit still very well to be brushed but with these gloves they feel as if they are being petted and don't mind at all. These gloves easily pick up the loose hair and leave my dogs slick and shiny. Also it is very easy to just shake the hair off the gloves. You don't have to dig the hair out of the grooves like you do with some brushes. I am so happy to have found these gloves. I highly recommend these gloves.

Krisha G.
The Coolest Invention Ever

These bathing/grooming/shedding gloves are the coolest invention ever for pet people! They work somewhat like curry combs used to clean the mud and dirt off horses. They have short, rubber studs rather than teeth to which hair sticks. Our blue Persian mix cat absolutely will not let me brush him but is a total attention hog. As soon as he sees me pick up a brush, he's gone, and if I sneak it in, he hisses and then takes off. This past winter, his hair matted up around his neck and sides so badly that large chunks fell out, leaving unsightly bald spots. However, with the grooming gloves, he'll let me pet him all day long. We also have two long-haired dogs - one border collie/heeler mix with a super thick coat (grabs my arm with his teeth when brushed) and a Irish wolf hound mix with a rough, curly outer coat and inner downy coat (acts like she's being tortured when brushed). Both would rather die than be brushed, but when I sit and "pet" them all over for 15 minutes to half an hour with these gloves, they look at me adoringly and wonder why they are so special. The cat is definitely suspicious - why are your hands black? - but as soon as I start rubbing him, he melts and rubs his head all over until I stop.

Levi L.
It’s a ‘Get It!’ for all animal owners, even cats.

We have two dogs, a Boxer with the typical short, tight coat; and an Australian Shepherd with a long coat and dense undercoat. I have used these gloves on both dogs with great succcess. Aussies typically ‘blow their coat’ twice a year and it looks like a snow storm! He is beginning that process now and I am very happy with the results. These gloves are comfortable to wear, work well on different kinds of animal coats, and both dogs loved the massage.

Aira C.

Y'all, I have been blessed. These gloves are from heaven above.
I recently took in my grandmothers cat whom is very big, very spoiled and very fluffy. He sheds every where, and of course, me having hard wood floors in my house I constantly have tumble hair balls (derivative of tumble weeds) running across my floors. I've used all types of brushes and he never seems to like them cause they are kinda course. But, this right here, amazing. He will just lay there and let me "pet" him. I've never been so happy about a product in my life. Buy these suckers, you won't regret it.

Christopher W.
5 stars for us when used during baths. 3 stars for regular grooming.

I was on the fence about this product because it did work and my dogs did like it but I have a tool that does a better job getting the dry fur off when they are blowing their coat. That all changed today when I remembered a reviewer saying that it worked better for them when they used the gloves to bathe their dog. I have four big dogs, a Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd and two Huskies. Those of you that have these breeds in your family know the work and fur that come with them and every spring and fall it's amped up a thousand times over normal grooming.

Anyway, today I used these gloves to bathe the furkids and I went from a so so rating in my head to a five star rating. The fur that came off during the bathing process blew me away and it cut down tremendously of the hair flying around when we used the pet dryer to blow them out. My problem Husky pup, Magnum, was as good as gold through his entire bath and seemed to enjoy the whole body massage and even tolerated a light conditioning. This alone makes them worth the price.

Ernest J.
Throw away the Fuminator!!!

My yellow lab just loves the gentle strokes that I use to brush almost every area of his body. With the grain or against the grain, no problem. Up and down the legs or tail, all around the neck, jaw, forehead and chest, the dog just sits with eyes half closed in pleasure. Back and forth over the back gets him dancing with simulated scratching movements. These gloves really feel good to him! You won't get the strips of packed hair that the Furminator would give you, but you'll be able to see the hair fly off. Clean up is easy, too. Just rub your gloved hands over a (big) trash can and poof! You're ready for another go around. And the pleasure isn't all the dog's; I get real satisfaction knowing I am brushing him well without ever coming close to hurting him, like I have done with the metal teeth of the Furminator. And for an added bonus: because I do such a good job with these gloves, my yellow lab has less hair to shed in the house. Really. Just remember: Do this outside the house because the hair will not necessarily stick to the glove and may fly all over the place.

Karla G.
I ordered the gloves to help me cope with two horses who love bathing in mud

Outstanding product. I ordered the gloves to help me cope with two horses who love bathing in mud. As with other products, I thought they might be helpful, but not as effective as I had hoped; I was certainly wrong in this instance. Three of my co-boarders watched as the caked-in mud and dirt just fell off my horse in less than two minutes. I thought the Thoroughbred might find the strong little rubber nodules too uncomfortable, but he immediately closed his eyes when I massaged, lightly, with this glove. Within a few minutes, he was shining. This is a marvelous product and well worth the price; iIt really tackles dust and mud in the thick winter coats and massages the oils to the surface, while also giving the muscles good therapy.. I finished with a polishing glove and some coat conditioner.
I have a pair in each tack box now -- and even my grey, long haired Tennessee Walker looked pristine after a short session with this glove.

If your equine charges like to roll in deep mud -- this is the product for you. When the spring shedding begins, I am sure this glove will be your best friend.

Paolo G.
Worth the higher price tag.

I'm glad I went with this higher quality and more expensive set. All the other grooming gloves I looked at appeared to be huge and seemed like they would restrict movement. I got the small size and they fit perfectly. I like the different "zones" with varying types of nubs and how flexible they are. The most important part is that my kitty kids love them! One of them offers her belly up as soon as I get them out. :) My cantankerous cat took a bit to warm up to them but she's fine with them now. My wild child doesn't sit still long enough for me to sit down with him and brush him uninterrupted so I usually do him while he's eating.

I suggest using short, quick strokes to get best results. Start at the neck and work your way down to the tail. You will get a TON of hair with this method as opposed to using a petting motion. I finish off with petting to get any loose hair off. The gloves hold onto most of the hair but every now and then a small bit comes loose. I always vacuum after brushing but cleaning that one spot is a heck of a lot better than the whole house being covered in hair!

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