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Phineas b.
Very sharp!

I really like these little clippers, they are much better than the ones I was using for years, which really more like crushed the nails, and were met with lots of resistance from all my cats..But luckily, they finally broke, so I ordered these, and they are so much sharper there is no pressure, they are like a little guillotine, and we were all pleasantly surprised when cutting their nails became no big deal! For most of them, some just never do cooperate..lol

Archie R.
Easy to use!

No cat likes her nails trimmed but with my fur baby, it’s mandatory or her claws get stuck and baby cries. These are simple to use.

Kenn D.
Best pet clippers I have ever used.

These clippers are the best I have ever used. They move very smoothly. These are the first I have seen with the angle which is why I bought them. I have one cat who has never minded having her claws trimmed but she is now 18-years-old and has arthritis so trimming can now be uncomfortable and/or painful for her. The angle of these clippers allow me to trim her claws with minimal disturbance of her paws which has been a great relief to both of us. Unfortunately, the angle means nothing with my other less-cooperative cats . . . but that's not the fault of the clippers!

Kenn D.
So much better than the others, Sharp!

My cats are both pretty good about letting me clip their class but they do vocally complain. I was worried about the clippers I had been using because they seemed like they were crushing the claws and giving them cracked nails that maybe were painful and would get things stuck in them (infection risk). I got these and others hoping to find some that would give a clean cut. These are the ones! They're the least fancy looking of all the clippers but they do the best job! One cat doesn't even complain when I clip her nails anymore, I'm assuming because she can't feel it and she could feel the other clippers. The other cat still complains but she'll whine about anything.

Hani V.
Human approved, cats disagree.

This review is from the human that is attempting to do the maintenance on the claws of the cat, and not from the cats’ perspectives. I can assure you that a review from the cats’ perspectives would be quite different, judging by the shredded quilt that I attempted to use to subdue my small, furry, former friends (I have hopes that with some wet cat food they might forgive me...at least in time for their claws to need another trim...) and the wounds I am attempting to staunch the blood flow from my arms and shoulder. Yeah, I am not sure how my shoulder got a bite, but here we are. The cats seem to have quite a low opinion of these trimmers.

Hani V.
Excellent for cat's claws!

These clippers are very sharp, really easy to use, and perfect for trimming a cat's nails. They give you a nice clean cut every time. I even managed to trim my kitty's front paw claws without needing to hold her down - something I always had to do when I used other brands of clippers in the past. Before she new it I was done! This says a lot about her comfort level. I only hope that, considering its price, the instrument keeps performing this great for a good number of months

Matilda G.
Works well as expected

This thing works and the quality is good, especially for the price. However, when they deliver it the packaging was damage.

Happy C.
Superior product

I was worried that my cat was impossible to deal with. His claws were very long and were tangling among themselves--front feet hooked to back feet. He was also ripping up the furniture by getting caught in the fabric. It was becoming a real problem. The clippers are so sharp that the cat was not aware that I was clipping his nails. He remained relaxed and thought that I was playing with him. This is not a cat that you want to irritate as he is quite ferocious, so I can't imagine a better outcome.

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