SurePet Rechargeable Nail Grinder Portable Grooming for Dogs and Cats

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Jeff H.
This device is worth every penny!

This device is AMAZING! It’s a total lifesaver. I was excited that part of our Pet Care Plan covered unlimited nail trimming (no extra cost), but then COVID happened and going to the Vet is currently a challenge. So I took a chance with this nail trimmer and I’m so pleased. I was skeptical, but my puppy did so well. At first she was frightened by the low buzzing sound, but some bribery with her favorite treats and words of praise, she sat there and endured the trimming of all four paws without a fight. We normally use a nail clipper, but she’s got 4 black nails and I was afraid I’d cut her accidentally. I HIGHLY recommend this device.

James E.
This really is the perfect pet nail grinder!

I couldn’t be happier with this nail grinder! My dog does not like to have his nails clipped, and on top of that they are black, so I get too nervous to cut them. After I got him used to the noise the grinder makes, which really isn’t very loud, he actually let me grind his nails. This makes me so happy!!!! Now having to trim his nails won’t be such a dreadful task. I am very happy with this nail grinder and shipping was super fast!!!

Richard W.
Works Great!

We had another nail trimmer that was just a weak, it seemed to take forever to do the dogs nails. This nail trimmer is great! Works faster, quieter and my dogs are not freaking out! I have small dogs and keeping their nails trimmed is a full time job, using this nail trimmer makes it so much easier!

Kylie M.
This is Amazing!

I love this dog nail grinder, no more clipping nails. It is also very easy to use and doesn't bother my dog like clipping his nails does. Its great that it has rechargeable batteries so you don't have worry about buying batteries, I can use it a few times before I need to recharge it.

Glaiza H.
Excellent for grinding dog's nails and works great!

This is a very well made item. Solid. This is best for small dogs. It is very quite. Heck it even worked great on my nails lol. Would recommend for small pets. I only have dogs so not sure about cats but it feel if there are used to a normal one this one would be better due to no jerking and very quite

Minda L.
Very quite. Well made

The trimmer was able to trim the nails relatively easy. The tricky part is making sure you know when to stop, but this is much easier to do than traditional methods. I recommend for anyone who has a pet that needs their nails trimmed.

Martina C.
How quiet it truly is.

This was definitely the right choice. Slowly desensitizing my dog to it. It's so quiet. I couldn't even tell it was on until I looked at the grinder piece rotating. I love that it's cordless which makes it easier to deal with. This was all around a great choice and I'll be telling my friends with dogs about this grinder.

Crissy R.
Dog approved!

This nail grinder worked great on my German Shorthair. It was quiet enough that it didn't seem to bother her and it worked very easily with minimal pressure. The grinder itself is also light which makes it easy to hold and maneuver. I like being able to round the nails so they aren't left sharp like they are with traditional nail clippers.

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