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Gabriel R.
Great toy!

I always get this toy for my 24 year old blue front Ooala for Christmas. Totally one of his must have toys as he never seems to get bored with it. No telling how long it will last... It all depends on if he gets obsessed with destroying the rubber vs the treats or toys I put inside... But the toy usually makes it to at least 6 months and at best a year. I tried one similar to this one that was orange/football shaped and he ripped it apart in no time. This round ball version of this toy seems to be made of more durable stuff.

Jayson T.
Works great as a treat ball

I hung this in my bird's cage and he wasn't that interested in it, but put some treats in it and, whoo hoo! I use Almonds in shells with some small wood blocks to make it more challenging. Excellent toy!
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Julius W.
They have a love/hate relationship with bells

I'm honestly not sure if my birds (two green cheek conures) love or hate this toy. They floof up at and attack anything with a bell on it, which I think is hilarious, but again... Are they doing it because they're playing or because they want to kill the bells? I may never know, but it sure is hilarious watching their reactions to this thing. I ended up buying one for each of their cages (they're housed separately) and they go over and attack it randomly, then ignore it at other times. This is a great size for conures of any size and would probably be OK for cockatiels also, though I'd look for the smaller version if you have a budgie or something similarly sized. Very sturdy and entertaining.

James M.
Parrot Loves It

I have a picky parrot when it comes to toys. When I buy a new toy, I never know if she will like it, be afraid of it, or just ignore it. I originally purchased this ball at the pet store and she immediately loved it!! It soon became her favorite toy and has gone through several. I was so delighted to find it on Ooala at a cheaper price. For those who have parrots, you know how expensive bird toys can be, especially if they like it and eventually destroy it from playing with it every day!

Brian T.
So fun I had to buy it twice

My cockatoo loved this toy so much! She enjoys playing on the floor of her room, so instead of hanging it in her cage, I left the toy out on the floor. She played with it for about 2 or 3 months. Then one day I looked in the room and saw all these green plastic pieces so small that I didn't know what they were from. I cleaned up the mess (those familiar with cockatoos understand chewed up toy messes are NOT unusual!), but then several weeks later I realized what the toy had been! I immediately ordered a new one! It's now been months and it's her favorite toy ... she loves pushing it down the floor and then RUNNING after it! It provides TONS of fun and I definitely recommend! :)

Leah S.
Not a long forager, but perfect for bored birds!

This is my bird’s favorite toy, and the best toy purchase I’ve ever made for her. She took to it immediately, and even when it’s not loaded with treats, I still hear her plucking away at it. The bell is a little bit annoying when I’m playing games and chatting over mic (my mic picks it up) but it keeps her occupied, where the alternative would be her screaming her head off, which is even worse than a bell.

Its holes are large enough to squeeze NutriBerries through, but small enough that they don’t just fall back out. They are, however, large enough that when my bird does get a hold of one, it doesn’t take long for her to deplete the stash, making the treats last maybe a few minutes. Luckily she loves the toy enough to play with it regardless if there’s food to get, but it’s definitely not one for long foraging unless you fill it with something shreddy to make it harder to get to the treats.

Overall I would definitely recommend this. It’s inexpensive, it’s made of a durable rubber, and it keeps my bird occupied all day. 10/10 would recommend!

Katrina R.
New Toy!

So let me start by saying that my bird is a bitter, old man. He's a 20 year old cockatiel inadvertently named 'Pocahontas' because when I first got him, I was told he was a girl. He's been angry about it ever since. Anyway, he sleeps most of the day, even when he's on his 'playground' so I was looking for a new form of stimulation to engage him. This worked as well as I could have hoped. I slide a half a thing of millet in there and let him go to town. I think he's grown to like the bell quite a bit because he'll walk by and give 'er a ring sometimes just to remind me he's there. Can't complain about this thing. It was originally designed as a dog chew toy, so you know it's durable. All in all, definitely worth the money.

Kimberly H.
Happy, occupied bird. Very sturdy.

We have a super curious, playful and destructive Eclectus. Granted, she does not have the beak strength of say, a Cockatoo or Macaw, but she tried very hard to destroy this toy. Chewed on it for hours and all she managed to do was scratch it up a bit. The item is made of a rubber-like material and I was concerned she may end up shredding this and eating the bits but she could not take off more than the tiniest of pieces after days and days of gnawing away. She loved the colour (we got a green one and a red one) and the little bell inside peaked her curiosity. My favourite thing is to stuff it with bits of butcher paper, straw, veggies or cardboard and let her do her best to take everything out. She makes a mess but that’s what birds do. It seems like the material would have more stretch but it has very, very little so getting things through the hole is a bit of a challenge but that means getting stuff back out is also a challenge. Will buy regularly.

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