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Robin P.
For small to medium dogs

Works good only downside is that you cant use it on big dogs nails are too thick. Make sure you're careful with the amount of dust created shaving your pet's nails/claws.

Chad S.
Clip first if nails are really long to start

For larger dogs it is easier to clip first if they are really long to start then use to grind the rest of the way down because it takes a while to grind them id they are really long and make sure you have a good grip on the nail

Gregory D.
Easy to use

For the past 5 years I have had to have my dog sedated and wear a muzzle so our veterinarian could clip his nails. He is 75 pounds and he struggles and tries to bite whoever attempts to clip his nails! I have been able to shorten his nails at home now with no sedation or muzzle by myself. This nail grinder is quiet and very easy to handle. I highly recommend this nail grinder. Just start out slowly, doing a little bit of nail per session so your dog can get used to the sensation on his toes!

Richard P.
Quiet and easy to use

Low noise so it didn't freak my cats out. Very easy to use and gets the job done. I have 4 polydactyls so this is a game changer for me! Love it! Would have posted a video but impossible to hold any of them still long enough!

Jackson J.
Easy to use

Perfect size for your hand. No batteries needed, it comes with a usb charger. There isn’t an actual adapter to go into the wall but it fits all of the ones most of us already have around the house for our phones and other devices.

It is pretty quiet and didn’t freak the dogs out like most electronic do. Both of of my shih Tzus allowed me to do their nails- even after watching their sibling have theirs done. Great tool for the price.

joseph a.
It's quiet

The motor is nice and quiet. My dog usually flinches from loud noises; but with this she sits pretty still while I trim her nails.

stephen h.
It does what it needs to do

It works great!! I have a small terrier. The only thing I dont like is that it does make noise so it makes him a little nervous but he’s definitely more calm than before. The great thing is this is saving me so much money a month. I usually take him to get his nails trimmed every two weeks sometimes sooner depending on how fast his nails grow. It works great my dog isn’t afraid of it that much anymore. Dont leave it on the same nail more than 5 seconds. Switch and if you need to go back then do so Carefully it takes time and patience!! Hope that helps :) Give your doggy a treat at the end :)

Richard A.
This is as advertized.

I loved the fact that the noise was so low. Also, it was small enough to fit nicely in my hand and also work the on/off button without having to move my hand. Was nowhere near as intimidating to the pup as my larger dog Dremel, or my regular Dremel. Did a nice job on the nails also. But have not tried on the larger dogs with big nails

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