Petzz Puppy Bottle Leak Proof Water Dispenser with Drinking Feeder for Pets

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Steve L.

I love this water bottle so so much! I mean its perfect for going on walks. I bought the smaller one since I have a small pupster, so if you have a bigger dog and do long hikes I would get the bigger bottle to have more water. I take this thing everywhere with me... I forget my own water bottle, but never my dogs.

Lance S.
We love it

As soon as I filled it with water my dog wanted to drink from it. It is very convenient. I like that once he's done drinking I can put the rest of the water back and continue on our way. I took it when we went flying and it's a great way to make sure he can still drink. It would be perfect if it came with a clip. I'd prefer that to the strap, but that's my preference.

Jasmin C.
Awesome idea

We purchased this because we have a new puppy and we spend a lot of time in the garden and yard. It works so well we grab it anytime we are leaving the house. It is designed so that we can offer our pup a drink and easily drain any water she doesn't drink back into the jar. The wide mouth allows us to put in a few ice cubes during the hot summer. My only complaint is that the plastic

Bella B.
Fantastic find

Saw this on a list of 25 great products for people with pets and this is the bomb. So easy to use while out walking or hiking w your dog. The bottle isn't huge so take more water in a regular water bottle and refill this one for your pooch. Works great!

Kelly H.
Well-designed product that works well

We purchased this item after seeing someone else using a similar product at our local dog park on a particularly hot day with their pet. Our dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, absolutely loves this product and drinks her water from it anytime we visit the dog park, taking walks in our neighborhood or travelling via automobile. Unused water can be redeposited in the container easily with a push of a button, minimizing water waste.

Ashton B.
The lock button is an issue. But I use the hard piece on the strap to lock and unlock the button.

One of the best items I’ve bought for my dogs. Easy access for my dogs to get water and not have to find them a bowl to drink out of. Since it’s already gotten one attached to it. Great for in the car. I just push the button to give them some water and when they are done I just push the button and the water goes back inside. It also as a lock to lock the button so no water comes out accidentally. The button is hard to lock but I’ve learned to use the plastic piece on the hand strap to lock and unlock the button. Other than that issue I love it.

Sabrina P.
Pup is Never Thirsty

I see people carrying the bowls that collapse to quench their pup's thirst, but then they also have the burden of carrying bottled water. I highly recommend this device which was exactly what I had in mind for my 6 lb, 5 mo old Chihuahua, Khloe. It holds just the right amount of water for her (not recommended for large dogs) and I can carry it in my bag with no worries of leaks. You simply unlock the flow, push the button to add just enough water and she has enough and can easily sip it from the cup with her little mouth. If there is excess water (which there usually is not) you can simply unlock the flow and allow it to go back into the reserve - I don't usually do this step in order to keep the water fresh. It is durable and comes in fun colors but of course pink is Khloe's favorite!

Jane S.
Great for walks with my dog.

bought this item because we walk our dog frequently and often ended up wasting water when she wasn't thirsty. This item has gone on a few walks already since I purchased it and it has been great. My dog loves it, and I love being able to let the water drain back into the cup if she doesn't want any or doesn't drink much. For bigger dogs you may want to have extra water with as this may not be enough depending on the length of walk, or plan your route past locations where you could refill it. (This has been enough water so far for my golden retriever, but the weather hasn't been very warm yet).
Also, I have not experienced any leakage yet, nor have I had trouble with the water draining back into the bottle, as others have mentioned.

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Petzz Puppy Bottle Leak Proof Water Dispenser with Drinking Feeder for Pets