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Cory D.
Bang for your "beak"

Our baby cockatiel LOVES the colors of these items! She doesn't use the long beaded, flexible dowel to perch on, but it serves a great purpose in getting around her tall cage. After purchasing some items in an Avian pet store I was worried we'd be disappointed with these products, but she loves them and they are holding up well. Birds are like toddlers...the more toys, the more entertained they are!

Chenny P.

Our parakeet really likes these toys! We put the bell toys in his cage, and the spiral and ladder toy have been put on top as out-of-cage time toys. All are really enjoyed, and even though he's trying to destroy them, it's a challenge and worth the money. The bottom rattan ball of the one toy has now been half-way pulled off (after 2.5 months of use), but I consider that a good value for the fun challenge it provides - the attached picture is from shortly after he had started chewing more on it.

George R.
Perfect for Cocktails

Great set of toys for our 2 cockatiels. The spiral beaded rope was hard for them to use so I I repurposed it into other toys. Not mad about it at all :)

Jolie L.
Great Value

I have a highly destructive Eclectus parrot. The toys are a little on the small side for her but still provided plenty of play opportunity! I would purchase this again given the price and quality. The toys are very bright and definitely made her day!

Barbara J.
Great value

The bird toys were exactly as stated. Bright colors, very sturdy and well worth the cost.
The only “problem” is a slight discoloring after cleaning-but this is common with birds.
Overalll, great value-my cocktails (Lilo, Stich) have taken to the toys!

Erick S.
cheap price

Got a new Indian Ringneck recently and I wanted to get it some nice toys and stands for his/her cage. I got this 6 pc set cause of the variety of items for the price point. I can't complain. I hope he/she does chew it to bits. So far my birdie like it's but cause been chewing up some of the other items, but it came with a lot of stuff and it was cheap.

Melissa R.
Worth the money

This item great ! Its a lot for your money but our bird took it appart in less than a month. Lol ! i guess his favorite was the ladder but has less 2 steps. The swi g is wonderful. still resisting after 2 months along witg swirl and the bell toys. but make sure you secure those bells very well. The veige balls where gone the first day. He did have a blast though

Avery C.
Satisfied feather baby!

For the price, I could not pass this one up. I really thought it would be cheap due to the price. It is indeed a nice toys variety. My QP are loving his new toys! It's really added fun to his run! So I purchased this toy to keep him busy. It's sturdy and colorful and really keeps his attention. This is a great quality parrot toys. It's well made in a very affordable price and my feather baby is satisfied!

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Wirmon Bird Hanging Bell Toy | Toy for Small Parakeets, Cockatiels & Parrots