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Sarah W.
Donut Envy

Perfectly uniform, round donuts every time. We bought this to help make quick action, circular donuts for guests. There is an occasional need to minimally stir the bottom to avoid clumps and clogs bit overall works very well.

Michelle L.
Great purchase, love them.

I love using these - I make donuts and pancakes in these. They're very versatile and useful to have in the kitchen.

Mary G.
Perfect batter dispensers!!!

These were great for my daughter’s graduation party. We’re in the south, so chicken and waffles were on the menu. The dispensers were perfect for cleanliness and for efficiency. I purchased two and will definitely be using them when I have over night guests.

Elise V.R.
Batter Dispenser Awesomeness

This dispenser does really nice, clean work without spill to pick up. We used it to make a batch of mini-donuts. We did have a little trouble with the batter being thick and really having to squeeze the handle hard. I am attributing that to a odd mix of batter, I don't think it was a dispenser issue.

Janet G.
Donut Maker

Have been looking and this one is great. Sturdy and well made. easy to use. A great and easy way to make donuts.

Margaux F.
Great for pancake batter

It feels a bit cheap, but we love this tool. We use it several times a week for pancakes and sometimes donuts. I have tried it for muffin batter, but it seems like it does not handle anything thicker than pancake batter. Pancakes have never been easier!

Juliet B.
Works nicely with the right consistency of dough.

Works well for making donuts and for making pancakes, also for making waffles and other types of pastries that need donut shaped appearance.

Alexa B.
Great pancake or cupcake batter dispenser!

I guess I can't say it works great for donuts (never tried), but it's perfect as a pancake dispenser! Have been using this one for a year, still looks & works great. Also like it when pouring cupcake batter keeps the edges neat & clean...I give it short shots of batter for more volume control. It holds about 2-1/4 cups of batter at a time.

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BakersLoaf Donut Maker Dispenser | Easy, Fast and Portable