Peqon Baby Crawling & Play Mat with 5 Educational Sensory Activity Gym Toy Rack plus Piano

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Genevieve A.
Worth it just for the piano, a top 5 favorite toy for my 5 month old

I give this five stars simply for the piano. Otherwise, this is probably the same as any other activity mat. My little one is five months old, and the piano has been one of his top five favorite toys for the last two months! He initially loved playing the piano with his hands. Now that he has discovered his feet, He often flips on his own so that he can kick the piano instead. I actually just boxed up the activity mat to put it away, but have a feeling we will be keeping the piano out for months and months to come.

Rudy F.

Very colorful, beautiful patterns, can keep the little one busy for a few. For me personally it was easy to assemble. Fair purchase thank you.

Harvey L.
Fun for babies!

My almost 2 month old is already enjoying this activity mat. She's still too little to grab the hanging toys but she loves kicking on the piano and she's intrigued with the crinkle sound in the fabric book. I had my eye on this one for about 6 months and so happy we got it. Too, I like the fact the piano is removable with removable feet so it can be used as she gets older.

Sharon F.
Very fun and parts used separately

This is wonderful ! The piano is great. It can play on its own or with a gentle pat . My child is developmentally delayed and this is amazing for her! She is deaf and it vibrates her mattress while on highest setting, the lights captivate her and the music is not harsh to those around

It reactors great and she can make it go with hands

We don’t really use it for kicking it but for her hands. It is constantly beside her on the couch or bed. The mirror that comes with it is great too and the toys as well. We love this

Paul D.V.
Very good gift

I bought this to gift someone... and she liked it a lot for her baby ,quality is good n ofcourse worth buying it

Apple B.
Perfect for the constantly moving baby..

My 2 month old grandson, absolutely loved this...He is kicking his feet constantly, when he's awake..His mommy said there is so much to see and touch on it, that he didn't know where to look first ..Totally worth every penny and it was comparable in price with others that would be less fun for him...Mommy and he were both delighted!!!

Jayson J.
A Great Toy, Useful For Many Months of Development

My baby got this gym at 6 months old. She was already kind of sitting up, but my main motivation was to get it for the piano. She LOVES this piano even though she has 2 others. This one is her favorite. It is just the right height in the "flat" setting for her to sit with her legs under it. Unfortunately, my husband stepped on it and broke it, but I'm pretty sure that would happen with almost any product if a full-grown man stepped on it.

Jamie R.
Great Purchase!

Very happy with this purchase! Bought it for my 11 week old grandson who is not especially fond of tummy time. We received it today and had so much fun watching his little face light up as he explored all the sounds and bright colors. The music and lights kept him mesmerized and entertained long enough to get a good little neck workout. The toy attachments are fun too. Definitely recommend this product!

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Peqon Baby Crawling & Play Mat with 5 Educational Sensory Activity Gym Toy Rack plus Piano