Worivo Cotton Maternity Pillow | U Shaped Pregnancy Sleeping Support

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Cassy G.
This pillow arrived on time && it's awesome. I'm 6 months

This pillow arrived on time && it's awesome. I'm 6 months and my back is killing me. I'm so happy I got this pillow!

Jelly V.
Works great, the cover is removable and washable

Works great, the cover is removable and washable. The only downside might be that the head rest area doesn't have enough stuffing but I remedy that by folding a blanket across it. (You could use a towel and just wash it every few days to keep from having to wash it more than once a month and still have a clean place for your face)

Minda L.
Very Comfortable

This pillow is very comfortable! It's especially functional for someone who likes to change from one side to the other without having to make much adjustment. I use it with an extra pillow for my head, but it can be used nicely without.

Martina C.

This thing has officially changed my sleep. My orthopedist recommended that I buy a pregnancy pillow (nottttt pregnant) due to my neck, back & jaw misalignment. Let me tell you, this has worked. I sleep all the way through the night & I don't use any other pillows (I used to sleep with 4!). It's the perfect fluffiness. I did have to lint roll it when it came in because it has some grainy stuff on it but that was no problem.

Crissy R.
Pregnancy cloud 9

8 months pregnant with twins and I can't believe I didn't order this sooner. I used to wake up every single day with complete body aches but not once since getting this pillow. When I crawl into bed at night I'm instantly comfortable to the point I even forget I'm pregnant. Do yourself a favor: ignore all the negative reviews & get this pillow.

Hannah S.
It's the best body pillow i've found yet.

This is the second one I have purchased. I am not pregnant but it's just so comfortable! Me and my husband both use it. Great for sleeping at night and also very comfy on the chaise end of the sectional. I highly recommend!

Joyce C.
Must own!

Pregnant or not, you need this comfort in your life! I have a body pillow, and it doesn't come close to the comfort this pillow gives you. Absolutely worth the money. I will be purchasing more for family & friends.

Karyll C.
Better than other pregnancy pillows I've used!

I bought this to help me sleep while I'm pregnant. I love that I can turn in the middle of the night and still have a pillow to put in between my legs. I prefer this over the C pillows for that reason alone. There's no readjusting the pillow under the covers in the middle of the night, which is super annoying and to do. This pillow is nice and sturdy, hasn't fallen off the bed, and is really soft but supportive. Highly recommend!

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Worivo Cotton Maternity Pillow | U Shaped Pregnancy Sleeping Support