PlumKiss Liquid Matte Lipstick | Long-Lasting, Transfer and Kiss Proof

Shade: Carmine


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Juliet B.
pretty + indestructible

I've tried many indie and high-end liquid lipsticks, but none of them comes close to this. This is the fourth color I've bought in this formula, and they all work great for me. It is fine to apply (some people don't like how thick it is, but if you apply it carefully and slowly, the result is controlled and smooth), the coverage is phenomenal, and once it dries, it's on all day — and the next day too, if you don't remove it. I remove it easily with coconut oil or Costco's makeup wipes. Once it's fully dry, you can eat, drink, and, uh, make merry, and it won't budge!

Liquid lipsticks often dry out my lips something fierce, but this one is fine as long as I use a chapstick or moisturizer right before and after. (It would probably be drying if I wore it every single day, but I have never found a liquid lipstick that wouldn't; most do after half an hour!)

Cristine R.
VERY pigmented, long-lasting, great deal

This literally will not come off unless you use heavy duty makeup remover (NOT makeup wipes, they'll just irritate the skin and do nothing to remove the color). It is a little drying, but you can always put lip gloss or chapstick over it after it dries. It's very pigmented. Probably my best liquid lipstick, definitely my cheapest. I'm buying a second one after like two days of owning the first.

Samantha G.
Very good pigment, long lasting, no transferring. a little sticky

I really like how smooth and long lasting this won't transfer which is great especially when trying to watch and drink. The only reason I took a star away is that it does take a little longer to dry than other liquid lips and it stays a bit sticky where my wet n wild catsuit doesn't at all. It's not so much that it's uncomfortable but it makes me worry that it's getting messed up, but it's not. It stays wearing very well for I would stay 2-3 hours before you notice slight wear/light cracking. Might help to exfoliate and moisturize first. After about 5 hours it starts to wear from the inside out and cracks and some flaking but it's not horrible. After about 30 min it doesn't feel as heavy on lips so wait it out. I also top it with translucent powder to take excess shine/stickiness away but it doesn't take all stickiness away, unfortunately. To remove it I recommend Vaseline.

Leah J.

I love this lipstick. I fell asleep with it on and it stayed on all night. It has amazing pigment and dries within about 5 minutes. As a busy mom I probably won't try another lipstick!

Macy E.
Love it!

I love this lipstick and the color!
It feels moisturizing on my lips, I can add chapstick and it doesn’t get all streaky and gummy and it lasts forever.
I was looking for a nude-ish color that didn’t make my lips look like ashy versions of themselves and this is it!
Definitely recommend.

Janet G.
Yup, stays on. Color is rich.

This stays on ALL Day - even with drinking/eating. The colors are bit different than the color on the package...but that is to be a bit expected as I'm sure it would look different on everyone a tiny bit. Colors are brighter on. I mixed two to get what I wanted and they work great. Love the precision applicator too. Once it sets, it does not feel dry or sticky. Gotta let it set for a few though...

Margaux F.
Not as drying as others

One of the best liquid lip formulas. May feel a bit sticky at first but dries down and lasts forever without smudging or peeling like other, more drying formulas. I generally use two shades to create an ombré effect, a single shade can be a little flat because they’re so opaque.

Alexa B.
A nice matte for a good price!

I'm in the process of trying different brand mattes and so far this one hasn't been too bad. Get's a little sloppy sometimes trying to apply but goes on smooth, dries pretty quick, doesn't feel overly weird/dry on lips, and stays on for quite a few hours. It does however stain your lips a little when you go to take it off but no biggie. So far a good buy, decent price, considering trying a few other shades. My first, Blush has been a hit and loving the color.

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