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Billy W.
Perfect for tiny nails...not just for cats.

I'm a, now retired, professional groomer. I cannot tell you how valuable these little clippers are. They are not just for cats, they are perfect for those tiny little Chihuahua nails, especially the dewclaws that tend to curl around as quickly as they grow out. These little scissors are just the right size to get into tight areas, and sharp enough to quickly snip their nails without pulling on the nail. This means a pleasant experience for little dogs that tend to be such drama queens about getting their nails trimmed.

Alfred M.
They work more like scissors. They are also much shorter than the ...

Instead of normal animal nail clippers, these do not spring open. They work more like scissors. They are also much shorter than the typical nail clippers. I think both of these are great features and they work exactly like I need them to. Without the spring, I am able to have complete control the entire time that I am using them. The shorter length allows me to be more precise with my cuts without worrying that I might shake a little and cut too close and make my kitties bleed. If only I could get my kittens to cooperate, I would use them a lot more, but the little time that I did use them impressed me.

Ivan R.
WONDERFUL! I've tried others, now ONLY use these.

Can’t say my cat likes these, but I DO!! They NEVER Slip out of my fingers and with a cat who's MEOWING as if death was the next moment and TRYING to escape (If you feel ANY fear they KNOW it and they WILL put up a GRAND FIGHT, so please even if scared, Force yourself to relax). If you’re unsure about cutting her/his nails there are plenty of videos such as YouTube.

HIGHLY recommend. Oh yeah, I do one paw one night 3 nights later the next night. She KNOWS she is NOT going to win, nonetheless yes she does a GRAND SHOW. LOL Poor Kit Kat!! Afterward, she's right back in my lap.

Ritch A.
Love these trimmers!

I am a credentialed veterinary technician and I put these nail trimmers to work daily. Far superior quality to others on the market, comfortable grip, and sharp edges - I use these on cats and just about every small dog under 20#. I have ordered back-up pairs, just in case they ever stop manufacturing them.

Ada B.
Best clippers I've used.

I work in the Veterinarian field (Vet Assistant) and have used many different clippers and I loooove these clippers. No splintering. Easy, gentle, and precise clips. My boys definitely appreciate these clippers because it means a quicker job!

Peter R.
Great clipper, clean cut, small handle

Pros: I had gotten fed up with the guillotine clippers I'd been using on my kitty and got these because of the reviews. They cut the nails sharply and cleanly without splintering and I was able to finish the trimming job much more quickly, reducing the amount of time I had to keep a grip on my unappreciative kitty. Worth getting.

Cons: The grip of the scissors seemed to be designed for smaller hands than mine (I've got pretty long fingers for a woman) and I wonder if it would be even more difficult for a man. The fit was a little awkward, although not sufficiently so to interfere with my control of the blades.

The purchase was worth it for me.

Alfred W.
These are great. So I feel awful when I bring this ...

These are great.

So I feel awful when I bring this up, but the last pair of clippers I was using had dull edges, which made the process very uncomfortable for my cats. I didn't even realize how the dullness factors into it until I got these. These will snip away at the claws painlessly (avoid the quick!) and quickly. My cats can actually hold still for me to get through 2 paws before they want to be let go. With my previous clippers, they would be itching to be free from the 2nd toe-in. :'( poor kitties. Definitely not a problem with these :)

Melody P.
Worked well for a petite, terrified cat

I recently adopted a VERY skittish 18-month-old cat from a shelter. She is fine if she has the freedom to move as she pleases, but anything that feels like restriction freaks her out. So, you can imagine how fun nail trimming would be for both of us.

So, while it still is an ordeal, I was grateful these clippers worked quickly, quietly, and effectively. I had enough to juggle cat-wise, so being able to count on the tool to do what it needed was such a relief.

I will say, I have pretty small hands, and she's only about 7 lbs., so the size worked well for us. If you have larger hands or a big cat with thick nails, these may not quite work as well.

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