Project Led Mini Projector M4, 800X480 Support Full HD Video Beamer for Home Cinema



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Erick S.
Simply Wow

I always wanted to but a mini personal projector but I've been hearing with my friends that good one are very costly. To my surprise this one much much better than I expected. Picture quality is amazing although its not 4K. Very easy to setup using MHL cable or firestick. Inbuilt speakers are enough loud and clear. Its very lightweight and convenient to carry.

Colbert S.
Crisp and vivid picture!

This projector is amazing. Extremely clear picture quality. I don’t own a screen, so I’m either projecting onto a white wall or on my popcorn ceiling. This projector stands up to it all! And it also has good sound quality, but I plugged in my sound bar for that extra punch. It’s really cool watching a movie on the ceiling while laying down.

The picture quality is very vivid and crisp, I was surprised for the price of this projector.

Art W.
Great way to project movies for family night.

I had wanted a projector for a long time, after thinking a lot and, going back several times, and looking at so many products , I chose this one, and it was the best I could do. The manual is so clear and simple that you can install and connect with your owm device easily and quickly! The image quality is very good on the flat wall in my house. Color and detail of the images and videos are very good . It even has a mini loudspeaker in the projector. The projector is light and easy to use and storage. I would like to recommend this product to my friends.

Dave L.

Easy set up, didn’t really even have to use the manual. The fan sound isn’t too loud but the built in speaker kind of sucks. I’m using my laptop to project streams and bluetoothed an external speaker. The thing I really dislike however is that you can’t change the size of the projection from the projector. You literally have to move the projector closer or further away from the wall and it kind of has to be right in front of you if you have approx 50” to work with. I’m working with it though. I’d say if you don’t have a serious use for one, this is good enough.

Jayson T.
Great budget projector.

This product is exactly as advertised. It does not state power demands. The brightness is okay for any slightly dim environment. The sound level is outstanding. Definitely able to listen to a movie in the backyard. Slightly difficult to read text but great for movies and PowerPoint presentations. No volume adjustment on the projector, you must use the remote.

James M.
Great product excellent price

Originally ordered just to connect to the phone but after connecting the Firestick directly to it I could not believe the great quality it has. Projected it in my kids room and fills up the entire wall no need to buy an expensive TV. The small speakers in it are loud as well don’t need to connect an external speaker unless you want surround sound. Would definitely recommend buying it

Julius W.
worth buying

The projector is small and does not take up space, and the workmanship is very fine. The picture is very clear. The price is also cheap. My daughter likes it very much and won't hurt her eyes. I also bought a surround sound and linked the projector to use. Would recommend it to a friend.

Brian T.
A Great Value for Work, School, or Play

A few years ago, I bought my ex a name brand pico projector for about $300. This one provides a better quality image for a fraction of the cost. I’m not great with tech but I had no problem following the instructions to connect it to my laptop. I was watching movies in minutes. The screen brightness necessitates a dark room (or outdoors) but works well with both animation and live action. It is crisp enough for subtitle reading, web browsing or PowerPoint presenting. I live in a small apartment and find this to be very space efficient: it works great on my wall and ceiling. I will never buy a tv or watch movies on my laptop again. I highly recommend this mini projector.

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Project Led Mini Projector M4, 800X480 Support Full HD Video Beamer for Home Cinema