Voroly Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp| Reptile Emitter Bulb for Pet Coop Heater

Wattage: 20 watts


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Melissa R.
Perfect for the purpose I needed it for. My outdoor cats

I was skeptical that these would work for me. I have 5 outdoor cats that I have built a small hut for them on our large covered deck to keep warm during the winter months. I used to use standard heat lamps but they were so bright and got way hotter than needed, as well as burned out a couple of times a season. I installed one for the approximately 8 Sq. Ft. box/hut. It worked perfectly all winter. Not too hot and not too cold for my kitties. They were very happy and so was I when they all come running out when I cam out to see them and feed the. I even caught the neighbors cat sleeping with them when it got pretty cold LOL. I used a thermostat outside of the box to control when it comes on and goes off, set for about 40 degrees.

Chenny P.
Works great for short distance heat.

I am in the process of building a 4’ x 2’ enclosure for my boys, so I purchased two to cover a larger area than what they have now. Love that this will fit in the short housing but the heat doesn’t seem to radiate very far. This has worked perfectly since the day I got it and my Chinese water dragons seem to love it. I prefer this over the “stick on the side” heaters because it gives my boys the option to bask under the heat or not.

Aurora S.
Very hot and long lasting.

I have yet to find out if this ever goes bad, because it keeps on working. It's a big relief to not have to change expensive heat bulbs constantly. The only thing I would change is that this is very hot. A bit too much for my small tortoises in a 40 gallon tank. It would be wonderful for the chicken coop in winter.

Erick S.
Perfect for dog house

Got these for a dog house. So far it is keeping her warm. It has been down to 28 and she is still warm. If I find it gets colder I will just add the second bulb to make sure. He dog house is 3 ft x 3ft and almost 3 ft tall

Avery C.
Works great!

So far so good! I’ve been using these for a few weeks and so far they work just as good as more expensive brands I’ve bought in the past! One I have plugged into a thermostat so it gets turned on and off a lot, and the other one stays on all the time- I have it in a fixture with a dimmer so I can turn it down during the day when I have lights on too, then turn it all the way up at night.

Arrah G.
Exactly As Described.

Product is used to provide heat at night for our Bearded Dragon. Heat output and consistent temperature have been great so far. Have only been in use for 2 nights so cannot comment on longevity. Delivered as promised and product exactly as described. Very pleased with quality of product, price, and delivery.

Colbert S.
Better than lightbulb heating lamps

Easily the best heat lamp I've ever had for my Bearded Dragon. I have a traditional light just for daylight and this ceramic heating lamp has increased her activity. At 11 years old she went from being slow and often hidden in her home with the heating light bulbs, she's now out and active like I've never seen before.

She enjoys it. And I like seeing her as a hunter again.

Art W.
Works GREAT as a heat source for broodering chicks!

WE LOVE THESE! They're an excellent alternative to a traditional heat "bulb". They fit in the same ceramic socket / fixture that a regular heat bulb would use, so you don't need to get anything extra/special for your brooder setup. Just buy these instead of the red or white heat bulbs! We're never going back! Picture of our brooder setup (that's a 45 gallon watering trough for size reference, and quart-sized feeder/waterer units).

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Voroly Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp| Reptile Emitter Bulb for Pet Coop Heater