Rattleroll USB Diaper Baby Care Large Capacity Mom Backpack Maternity Wet Waterproof Bag

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Ivory C.
Great diaper bag.

I love this diaper bag. After using crappy back packs and over the shoulder diaper bags I have a girl crush on this diaper bag. Its cute and I love the access pocket on the back. Put the diapers and wipes on the bottom so you don’t have to dig to get to what you need. Hold everything. Even coloring books and crayons for the big one. I would definitely buy again and recommend to a friend

Ivy G.
BEST BACKPACK EVER!! Good price great product!!

I bought this bag for our Disney trip because I loved the waterproof durability and the secret compartment pocket in the back! It was literally perfect and every bag checked was so happy about the compartment to see the bottom of the bag! The little secret pocket on the back towards the top was awesome for our Disney maps and ticket cards. I also stuck my phone there from time to time. This bag can comfortably hold two full water bottles also! There was always plenty of room for all our necessities and nothing ever got wet on the rides with Water!! I HIGHLY recommend this backpack for trips, Disney, and even just as a really awesome diaper bag for day to day use!!

April W.
Favorite diaper bag !!!!

OMG I absolutely LOVE this bag!!!!!!!! I had been debating on ordering one as I see everyone has them and they're so cute.... I decided to order it to take on a trip we recently went on, so glad I did!! This bag has a ton of compartments that came in handy!! It is great quality, I wasn't really expecting it to be so great for the price but it has surpassed my expectations!! The front compartment is also insulated for bottles, putting a thin hard-shell ice pack in the front slot in front of the bottles kept them cold for the longest in the heat of July in San Antonio! Highly recommend this bag for anyone with kids or just to have in general!! Thinking of buying another in a different color as well!

Apple L.
Stylish and spacious

I am enjoying having this bag. The red matched my stroller perfectly! The bag has many compartments and lots of space for many baby items. I like the insulated bottle pockets and the back pocket that gives access to the entire bottom of the bag. This bag has so many pockets I recently found one I didn’t notice was there. The only flaw is that the strap that is supposed to fit around the stroller handle is not long enough to wrap around my Chico stroller handle. I usually just hold the bag or put it in the stroller basket but it would be nice to be able to strap it to the stroller. Overall, I really like this bag as a baby bag I feel like I’ll be able to use it as my baby grows for anything and I would recommend buying it.

Genesis S.
Great mid-sized diaper bag! Perfect size for all your stuff and not too big to lug around 🙂

I love this diaper bag so far. Has the perfect amount of room for all of my babies stuff. I like that it isn’t too bulky since that would be so heavy and difficult to carry around all the time. My ONLY complaint is the top zipper. It is so hard for me to unzip without two hands. There have been several times I am holding my baby in one arm and trying to unzip the bag for a diaper change with the other. Because the zippers go so far down on the size and the zipper at the end isn’t attached to bag it makes it super difficult to unzip. Other than that I am obsessed. The color is sooo cute and I have already gotten several compliments on it. I also like that inside the diaper bag there are tons of compartments to organize your items like wipes and diapers.

Sheena R.
Love this bag and all the pouches to stay organized!

I didn't think I'd like this bag as much as I do. In the bottom I keep my wipes and diapers because those are things, I can stack on top off but still use. Having the back zipper helps keeps me organized without pulling everything out for a diaper. Plenty of quick access pouches on inside (extra outfits, sanitizer, snacks for my toddler, burp cloths, sunscreen). There is a small zipper pouch on the upper back. That's my "dirty" pouch for my wallet, keys and phone... Since I don't take my purse. I love this bag so much

Therese W.
Great overall, but hanging on a stroller wasn’t very good

I purchased 2 other bags and compared them and I liked this one best. I’m 4’11 and I didn’t want a large backpack hanging off my bag. This was a great size and still stored everything I need. Has a key ring, place for my phone and wallet that easily accessible. Exterior zippers feel good quality but the inside ones feel like they might give out after good use... I really liked everything about this bag except the button used for the handles to hang on a stroller isn’t very strong. My bag has a 12oz thermos in it so maybe it was the weight? Popped right off onto the floor. Other than that, I really love the bag.

Nadine C.
Compact/lightweight bag for everything

I LOVE this diaper bag! I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old. The 2 year old is 27 months and still in diapers with no desire to potty train yet. My diaper bag that I had previously was ripping in several places and had to be replaced. A few people told me not to bother, but for the price of this bag I’m SO glad I didn’t listen to them! It’s durable yet light. I don’t need bottles anymore, so I use the front pocket as a snack pocket, and my 6 year old loves the ease of access. Previously we had a small lunch box kept inside the big diaper bag that fell apart. I keep a water bottle for each kid on either side of the bag instead of tissues on one side. The inside contains diapers/wipes and a couple diapering things like hand sanitizer and powder, plus sunscreen in the summer, and a small first aid kit. The small zipper pocket on the inside is great for my personal products and hair ties. I also keep a set of clothes for each child. The water proof zipper contains baggies for wet clothes or dirty diapers. My wallet and phone both fit (a little snuggly) in the mommy zipper pocket in the back. I love the security of that pocket plus he button that links over the handles when he bag is zipped up. We travel a lot in airports and I wish I had this bag sooner!

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