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Gregory D.
Buy this - NOW!

Looking for a solid smartwatch but don't want to break the bank? Don't look any further this watch is for you! It's easy to use, multi-functional and just looks sleek as heck. I love the fact I can see calls, txt massages, Instagram and LinkedIn notifications, and control my music all in one place (of course except for my phone lol). The step counter feature encourages me to walk more and the alarm feature is great too. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Chad S.
I love this smartwatch

Super love this watch. Looks like an apple watch. Very easy to connect on my iPhone xs max and pls don’t forget to connect it on the charger to turn it on and start using it. I didn’t have any problem with it. Everything well while receiving notifications from my phone. The quality is also good

Robert B.
So far I’ve only used it a handful of times but it’s perfect for what I wanted it for

I bought this for coaching football as I found my fit bit was too sensitive when pulling back my sleeve in the winter months.
So far I’ve only used it a handful of times but it’s perfect for what I wanted it for. The size is good as I had trepidation’s that it might be smaller than on the picture shown.
Overall a good watch for the price.

Richard P.
nice decent good featured smart watch

after many days of discussion with my family over buying a costly smart watch and going through reviews of cheaper watches as well,my search ends here. I got this watch and happy that i didnt spend bucks in a costly 200 plus dollars smart watch as i holds all the features of a smart watch and i have no reason of denying it to be perfect for me with the right size and fit to me. screen touch working proper just like my phone, steps counting while i walk to and from bus stop. I can check my messages and check heart rate which is very useful for me,charges up pretty quick and battery lasts long which is the most essential element of the electric items.

Jackson J.
Very accurate

This is not just a fit bit. So much more. You can retrieve your messages and set so many options on this watch. You can’t call or anything like that but when in the gym it’s amazing to see text and know what’s going on when needed. So easy to set up and work while on your arm. And the charge holds great. Can really tell a lot from this little watch

Lindsay W.
Pleasantly surprised by the great battery life and overall functionality

I've been using this watch for a little over a week now before writing this review. Why? Because I don't trust any 5 star review by users that "just got the product" they are reviewing. And I am seriously impressed with this smart watch. First, I fully charged it when I first got it and here we are a week later and it still has 70% charge left. That's impressive. Especially since I am used to about a day worth of usage on my previous smartwatch.
Now, this isn't quite a full blown smartwatch as there are things it wasn't designed to do such as reply to messages, nor does it have it's own connection to the internet. Which, I'm guessing, is part of the reason for the fantastic battery life. Despite the inexpensive price, it is quite full full-featured. The step counter is as accurate as any others I've used as is the sleep tracker. There are four watch faces to choose from and the display has three settings, the brightest of which is usable in bright sunlight. From the watch you can read incoming messages, set a timer or stop watch, check your heart rate, set an alarm, or start an activity such as walking, running or biking. It even as a built in relax mode where it coaches you on relaxed breathing. There is also a companion app that you install on your phone which is where you set and control most of the functionality. Here you get some nice graphs of your activity, set alarms, notifications, etc. It has an overall nice layout and items are arranged in a way that makes sense - you're not hunting around for a mislabeled function. The included watch strap is basic fare, but since they chose to make it removable, any industry standard strap can be easily substituted. I chose not to as the included combination is serviceable and quite light. I barely notice it on my wrist. To sum up, if you're looking for a an inexpensive smartwatch/activity tracker, this fills the bill quite nicely. You won't be disappointed with your purchase.

Pamela M.
Such a high tech watch!

I absolutely love this watch. I truly only needed a watch with a large digital display but this has the bells and whistles to go along with it. I want to preface and say that when setting up the watch you will need to follow the instructions to the exact word or you may have trouble. I read everything clearly and was able to figure it out. I am able to control my Amazon music through the app, as well as view my text messages when they come in. I also love the "find my phone" feature. I am forever setting it down and cannot find it so this was a major plus! The watch is super light weight and it looks fashionable as well. The straps are a slick rubber feeling that doesn't tug or pull on your skin . It's like buttery soft. I cannot say enough good things about it. I've been wearing it since yesterday and the battery life is outstanding. 10/10 would recommend.

Robin P.
Surprisingly great Smart Watch

I am a skeptic at heart. I have owned several "smart watches" over the years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on individual watches over the years. Some were good enough, but they're heavy and big and let you know they're there at the most inopportune times. Others are the right weight, but don't function like they are claimed to. Still others are the right size and weight but are only really a glamorous paper weight. To be brutally honesty, I fully expected this to be the case with this watch.

When I got my new RAZEGEAR Smart Watch, I read the small owners manual(10 minute read.... do it) and stuck the watch on the charger. It lit up that the battery was full. Score. That doesn't happen with most products. Usually theirs at most half power and you have to charge to full before you start it. Not having to wait is a win in my book. I downloaded the app to my phone(Galaxy Note 8) and connected the watch. The touch screen is pretty good. I don't have to mash it to get my selection across. It is properly responsive. Nothing more to say about it.

The watch is about the size of a standard watch..... not that this description is insightful, but it's not obtrusive or overbearing. Sleeves easily slip over it with normal button use. That is another win. I am a big guy so I usually have to buy separate watch bands or links. This one is plenty long for me.

After playing with the settings in the app for about 5 minutes, the watch was ready for full use. It now alerts me to text, phone calls and emails. it also tracks my daily steps, calories burned, miles walked, heart rate and sleep patterns. I didn't see in the online description that it has a phone locator feature on it too(click the gray icon and it makes your phones alarm ring). There are other features to it as well, but I'll have to take a little time exploring those to get a good feel for them.

After using the watch for a little over a week, I can attest to the claims that the battery lasts 10 days. it was at 28% at the end of day 8 when I decided to recharge it. The watch stayed on my wrist the whole time. Showers and the spa don't phase it. Working in the rain was no problem.

Overall, I am blown away with this little watch. It would be a bargain at $100. I am excessively happy with it. I can't wait to see where the app goes and what new features they come out with. I will be buying new watches as they come out.

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