Bloomora Desktop Planter Bulb Vase with Retro Solid Wooden Stand and Metal Swivel

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Olivia C.
Lovely Way To Propagate - Or Just Add a Unique Statement Vase to Any Tabletop

My sister was considering this as a gift for my mother and it stuck in my head as such a unique and beautiful vase that I just had to have one for myself. I love that it's handmade and so different looking from other planters. I'd been looking at test tube planters for my propagation efforts but I think these will work far better and allow me to go longer between water changes. Plus, coming from a household with a father who has a PhD in chemistry and a mother who loves collecting scientific glassware, this hit a nostalgic button for me.

The packaging was great. There's always a concern where glass is involved, but everything came snug in the box with more than adequate protection. Even though it doesn't come with instructions I was able to easily put it together. The little rubber stoppers that go on either side of the individual vases is genius and helps keep them in place. And I love the wood aesthetic. Not to mention...the little extra treat of the gel beads. I've never used those before and I had way more fun playing with them before putting them in a vase.

I highly recommend this product for those who just want to display some lovely greenery AND those who want to propagate their plants hydroponically. And I think I'll be getting one for my mom as well cause I think she will love it.

Amor P.
Easy to assemble

I am pleased with the handsome cloning jar set. It was reasonably priced, packaged and simple to assemble. The only complaint I have is the pilot holes on the smaller bracket of wood were slightly smaller which meant I had to take off my shoe, use the heal to tap the provided screw into the wood before I could assemble it. The assembly took maybe 3 minutes... the rubbery stoppers provided to keep the glass jars from sliding along the rod and secure the rod in place took the most time work with.

Veron L.
Very Nice

Shopping around the other week and came across this planter (single version). The wife loves it! Simple to put together, and it will fit in size and decor just about anywhere.

The small pouch of multi colored things are actually "water beads". We had no idea what they were, and there are no written directions, so we just put them in the vase and added the plant clippings and water. They expand and become translucent, and she thinks they look great. Personal preference, of course, but be advised that you can also buy them on Ooala in a variety of colors to suit your decorating needs.

We will be ordering another one as a gift.

Cherry S.
This is probably one of the best concepts for planters

This is probably one of the best concepts for planters!
I love every bit of it. Very easy to assemble and sturdy once done.
They came with the water beads as a great bonus.
I love the rustic and authentic style, very fitting with the current mid-century modern trend.
I have been putting fresh flowers in them every week.

Jasmin C.
I’d buy 1,000 of these beauties!!!

My sister and I recently have gotten into household
plants and have been speaking about propagating our babies once they grow a little more. Well, on Ooala I came across these vases and I decided I’d get one for my sister and I. Boy, am I glad I did!!!!

First, building it is INCREDIBLY EASY! No more than 3 minutes to assemble it. I did read the reviews before I bought it and some mentioned that it didn’t come with assembly instructions but that’s false. On the back of the box, there is a clear step-by-step picture reference on how to build this. Heck, you don’t even have to know how to read you just have to have two eyes and a brain. Can it get much simpler? I don’t think so.

Bella B.
Flower Holder

I ordered this a week ago and I am very happy with the purchase. I always worry about glass items breaking in transit because it has happened to me before. This was very neatly packaged and the glass bulb was securely packaged in hard foam. This does not come assembled but does come with a screwdriver and all pieces to assist in assembling. This also came with the little water beads. Super cute on my desk. Highly recommend.

Kelly H.
Love it!

I love this little thing! Setup was straight forward and easy. Currently I have two Wandering Jew cuttings and a Pothos propagating. Cleaning can be somewhat of a pain because you have to take the entire thing apart, but other than that, I love it and would definitely recommend it. Everyone that comes over makes a point to say something about it!

Sabrina P.
Love it! Perfect for Intended Use!

I saw a similar stand for sale that was more than twice the price! Glad I checked Ooala and found this seller. This is such a nice addition to my desk and has worked great for propagating my vining plants. Instead of disassembling the entire thing to empty the water, I just tilt the one bulb over that I need to empty. I'm honestly considering getting another one, it's the most charming way to propagate!

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