HelpValve Rechargeable Mini Digital Hearing Aid Sound Amplifier, Wireless Ear Aids for Moderate to Severe Loss

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Lucy J.
Rechargeable and comfortable to wear!

This hearing aid is lightweight and really discreet! I like that it is rechargeable. It lasts all day on 1 charge and comes with a micros sb charging cable. The volume level is adjustable and it has 2 different modes (1 for a quieter environment and 1 for a noisier environment). The piece that goes in your ear fits snugly and doesn’t fall out. It's quite comfortable! It isn’t waterproof so don’t forget to take it out if you are swimming or taking a shower.

Olivia C.
The effect is in line with my expectation.

I'm not sure about its performance, but my mother told me that she liked the hearing aid very much, and I think its working as I expected.

Travis W.
I prefer rechargeable devices.

I hate battery hearing aids because it seems to cost a lot. So I decided to buy this rechargeable device. After a few days of trial, I found that its effect exceeded my expectation. It has long endurance and good sound quality, which is a good choice.

Travis B.
The user experience is great.

The style of hearing aid is my favorite type. And it's really easy to use. You can also wear it yourself. It's as convenient and comfortable as wearing a Bluetooth headset. Sound adjustment is also very convenient, you can adjust the sound size by yourself. It's a good experience. I suggest you try it.

Veron L.
Real sound, long battery life

I am a construction worker. The long-term working environment has caused me to suffer from severe hearing impairment. When I live away from work, I often cannot hear the conversations of my friends and relatives, which makes me very upset. I chose it for a long time before deciding to buy this hearing aid. The reason is that it has a long battery life, 40 hours, which is enough for me to not charge for several days. The sound of others sounds as real as without hearing aids, which is great!

Cherry S.
Digital Noise Reduction

My mother is 80 years old. Hearing loss is very serious. It needs to be very close to hear others. The sound of the TV set must be very loud, so it often affects neighbors. I have bought two hearing aids for her before, and the price is very expensive, but the improvement effect is not obvious, and it is very uncomfortable to wear so that the mother is not willing to take it. Fortunately, I bought this hearing aid for her. It is very comfortable to wear, comfortable and soft on the ears, and the sound is very clear after wearing it. It is almost the same as the actual one. I strongly recommend this hearing impairment, Friends buy this one.

Mike S.
Surprisingly Good Hearing Aid for the Money

I purchased one of these when my expensive, high-tech aids went missing. After a while, when they didn't turn up, I ordered a second. They don't have much equalization capability compared with the expensive ones they replaced, but they have convenient analog volume, and on/off controls. The rechargeable batteries provide a surprisingly long life. I only needed to charge them about once per week. While not as small and subtle as new state-of-the-art hearing devices, they aren't bulky, nor are they uncomfortable to wear. A great value overall.

Michael F.
Great technology

1. Really comfortable to wear.
2. Rechargeable so no need for batteries.
3. Two sound modes to select from.
4. Cancels the noise.

The only drawback I like to mention is the material looks a little cheap. Received it a few days back so don’t know how it will hold in the long run.

Looks a lot better than many others and more advanced.

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