Pettix Adjustable Cat & Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strap│Large Size

Color: Black


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Nadine C.
Great product!

I really like this harness and my little dog doesn't mind it at all. He also has not " escaped" it!
It fits a little snug, there is no way I can close the Velcro completely, it would be way too tight for him, but I’m able to close it enough and the Velcro holds nicely and there's an additional locking belt that completes the harness.

Krista M.
No escaping this!

Finally, after buying about 5 different harnesses (all if which they wriggled out of) for my 2 little Chiweenie escape artists I found this one and my god it actually works! I followed instructions with measuring and bought a size large for These 12 pounders. They are perfect, true to size, well made, easy to get on and off, comfy, and most importantly.... they can’t wriggle out of it! Hallelujah! Buy the large for a small dog like mine are.

Ivory C.
Great for cats

I bought this for my cat who had previously been a neighborhood stray. Unlike our other cats, he thought he could hop the fence and go exploring. After trying a small dog harness, we got at the pet store (total fail) we tried this. It took him a couple of times to get used to it but now he’s happy he can (safely) get out in the yard with everyone else.

Ivy G.

This vest/harness a perfect fit for my fox! After searching and trying several different vests this one by far is the best. It doesn't bother him at all. Doesn't fit too tight and adequate space for movement of his legs. It is adjustable if it’s a little too big. It definitely keeps him secure and I have no worries about him slipping out of it while we walk. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to a traditional harness.

April W.
Measure first!

Make sure to measure your dog first!
Once I finally found the correct size it was perfect. Very easy to put on and take off. We just finished our third walk with it and he is currently sleeping with it on, so it must be comfortable.

Apple L.
no escape!

My cat is still trying to get used to it, but I'm very happy he cannot wriggle out of this. I maybe should have bought the next size up, but that's on me. I wish the leash was a tad longer, but overall I'm very happy.

Sheena R.
Exactly what I was looking for

It is so cute on my kitty. I got this because he doesn’t like things slipped over his head, but I still have to grab him to put it on. Regardless, he walked in it fine and seemed pretty comfortable. This was much better than a strappy harness that shifted in him too much. This harness stays in place even if he falls over rolls around, and I feel comfortable pulling back on it because it gives enough support to shoulders.

Millicent A.
An expensive looking harness & leash.

Here's my cat saying no thank you, Lol. He's not used to any harness, yet. He's part Maine Coon, large and it fits well. I'll post a video after he gets used to it.
The harness is very soft and made well. It came as promised. I would recommend this harness.

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Pettix Adjustable Cat & Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strap│Large Size