Pettix Adjustable Cat & Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strap│Medium Size

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Eris S.
Safe to take our cat outside now

Our cat, Aki, showed interest in wanting to know what was in the big "Blue Room" by attempting to escape multiple times so we got her this. She's a chunky cat and I was concerned about the fit being right but I went by the measurements on the chart and it fit perfectly. She didn't really know what to think at first and just plopped over but when I put her outside she forgot about it. Now we take her out to explore without concern about her running away. She didn't really try to get out of it but I doubt she could if she did try. Now she yells at the door if we go outside without her loud enough to make sure she's heard. I have to say, it feels odd to be seen walking a cat instead of a dog. The Velcro and clip seem secure enough to withstand the strength of a 17-pound cat and then the leash attaches onto 2 D shaped hooks on either side of the clips so there are 3 secure points. Overall, I highly recommend it.

Virginia L.
Cat Harness does the job!

I purchased the harness for our cat as we traveled by auto across the country to a new home location. The harness goes on easily and the Velcro makes it adjustable. It took a couple of days for the cat to get used to it (and stop walking backward to get out of it - funny to watch). My only suggestion is - I added tiny bells to the harness, so I could hear if she did manage to get out-of-sight (or over the wall at the new home yard).

Karla G.
Great item at a great price!

We purchased this harness because we were concerned about the cat trying to bolt out of the truck during our cross country move. Based on the measurements provided, the cat was right in between being small and medium so I went with the medium. It was way too big. If you are in-between sizes, I would suggest sizing down. I was able to return the medium for a full refund and the small fits him perfectly! The harness is lightweight and easy to put on the cat. Comes with a leash in a matching color. Very nice item. Thanks for the easy return!

Mae P.
Medium harness fits my 7-lb pup great

This is the easiest harness I have ever put on my dog. She really doesn't mind any harness, so ALL harnesses are "OK", but this one just goes on so fast. Adjusting the strap is super easy, just 2 clips. It comes with a color-matched leash as well. If you have a 10lb dog, go with the large harness!

Rose H.
Good for Big Cats!

I ordered the medium harness/leash set for my cat and it looked lovely on him! My cat is large, tending to be longer/taller rather than chubbier. The medium is highly adjustable and unless you have a lanky cat like myself, the small would most likely be a great fit. He looked smashing and it was fairly easy to get the harness on him even though my cat tends to be squirmy. Heavily recommend if you're traveling with a pet and need to take him/her out of their carrier for security like I did!

Mark W.
Good product!

We bought this so we can take our cat to explore outside the house safely. I got her a medium-size which fits fine but I have to tighten the Velcro all the way. I followed the sizing chart but the size small would have been better. Cat is still getting used to it.

Jamaica G.
Comfortable, functional and stylish

Used for a kitten/cat. Originally bought XS. It fits perfectly and looks great. My kitty was stiff in it at first but he adjusted quickly and he doesn’t mind it at all now. He has almost outgrown the XS... I like it so much I ordered a bigger size. I got a Med but should’ve got a small. Note: if using for a cat you should always supervise as he can slip out of it if the leash gets hung.

Heidi S.
Calm and comfortable walks!

Great!! Arrived quickly and completely. Fit the cat and looked very comfortable. Using it to go for walks and everyone loves it.

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Pettix Adjustable Cat & Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strap│Medium Size