Pettix Adjustable Cat & Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strap│Small Size

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Princess Q.
Great Customer Service and good Quality Product

Got this for our cat of about 7.5 pounds. Our cat has had some issues adjusting to wearing a harness for outdoor walks but is slowly getting used to it. I had some sizing issues with our harness and reached out to customer support and they were really fast to respond. Great customer service on their end. Our cat is still learning to be on a leash, but this product does appear as though it will work well in time for our cat. Thanks!

Pinky S.

Having purchased other harnesses in the past, this one has been the easiest to put on and take off. I love having the added security of both a Velcro closure as well as a locking snap. And unlike other harnesses, my cats seem very comfortable wearing this particular one. I ordered a small, and by simply adjusting the straps, it actually fits all 4 of my cats. I would definitely recommend the harness for short walks and little adventures!

Kendra K.
Safe, comfortable, secure

I really like this harness. It took a little bit of adjustment to make it escape-proof but now that I mastered it, Princess Fluffy butt is now able to safely hang out on the deck with me only checking intermittently. She HATED it at first and stood frozen for some time but now it is second nature to her and just part of the routine. The harness is well made and the fabric is sturdy yet light. It does not rub anywhere even when tightened and I think that the comfort of it is what made it work for her ok. I appreciate that I can feel confident that she cannot get out of this harness as we have coyotes and eagles around and pets that are loose disappear. I recommend this harness as it is very secure and keeps her safe so she can still enjoy being outside.

Elsa R.
Excellent product!

It's sturdy, it's adjustable. I couldn't be happier. I bought it for a half-grown cat, so we take a trip outside every day now. He is still getting used to the idea of it and so the walking part hasn't happened yet, but with some patience, I know it will. At least he can go out and be safe at the same time.

It fits fine and is not uncomfortable. After a couple of days of going out in it, he is no longer struggling to go into it and he is actually purring instead, so this tells the story.

I'm so glad I decided to purchase this product. The price is right and it's super secure too. Light and sturdy and super well-constructed with all the right features. We love it.

Claudia G.
Cute, seems comfy, safe

So cute!! My cat usually hates harnesses and flops into her side when we put one on- but she actually moves around in this. She was recently catnapped by a neighbor’s child, so we try to put her in this harness whenever she goes out so that we can keep an eye on her. I love the reflective piece- makes it easy to spot her when she gets far away from the yard.

Marivic L.
Our kitty girl loves this !

Easy on, easy off. Our 5 1/2 pounds Persian cat adores putting on her red vest and going for a walk with us. Easy on, she simply steps into it, then we clip the back together at the back of her neck, fasten the Velcro, and off we go. It is soft and nonbinding and apparently as comfortable as can be because most cats are not usually harnessed friendly and she just loves it. Had an extra small when she was a kitten of 4 1/2 pounds, and recently upgraded to a small, since has added weight. The small is still a little roomy on a 5 1/2-pound cat, but because the snapping collar section is so secure it doesn't affect its function at all. I have already given one for a gift and have recommended this to two other people.

Toni B.
High quality item at excellent price!

I read the reviews before buying and was scared that my cat was going to freak out with this on but I was pleasantly surprised. This was so easy to put on and take off and my cat didn’t even try taking it off because it was snug. The size S is perfect for my 1 yr old kitten. Love this and she looks so freaking cute in it. Instead of letting your cat loose risking their lives in the outdoors, this is a great option,

Diane W.
Great value great looking!

The harness is easy to put on. I like that it can be adjusted., the vest seems very sturdy. I bought it in gray size small for my 5 lb. cat. The holes for the legs are a little big but it still fits overall.

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Pettix Adjustable Cat & Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strap│Small Size