Yigati Truly Sun-Like Bright Heat for Reptiles, Amphibian and Birds

Wattage: 25 watts


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Kimberly H.

Does generate some heat but not a replacement to a heat lamp.
I set it about 6 to 7 inches from the cage and have very minor heat impact

Maui D.
Turtles love them!!

I bought these for a heat lamp for my turtles..they love it!! Not to pricey

Kevin R.

I used to buy ZooMed bulbs but they would always burn out after about 4-6 weeks of use. These bulbs are not only cheaper, but so far have lasted me about 2 months and still going. Bought a pack of 6 so im hoping these might last me all year. Highly recommend. Fair price, great quality. My turtles seem to really enjoy basking under these bad boys so thats all i could ask for.

jacob t.
Mr. Turtle, is a happy turtle.

Works great for my baby painted turtle. It's the exact recommend uvb and uva he needs. It's also a heating bulb and keeps him warm. Saves me from having to use 2 different bulbs for heating and uvb. Before this bulb, he had early signs of shell rot. After this bulb, I've noticed an almost immediate change in his color and the shell rot spots disappeared after 2-3 weeks. Mr. Turtle, is a happy turtle. :)

Penelope C.
Turtles are enjoying it!

It's been almost two months now & I'm still on the first bulb. These are bright & get really hot. Our turtles love it! As soon as the light comes on they go to it & start basking. I've used this light for more than the 3-5 hours a day & I haven't had any problems with it.

It's recommended to leave the light on for at least 10-12 hours a day, & these lights should be changed every 6 months as the UVB runs out (just because the light still works after six months it doesn't mean it's still producing UVB).

Ryan A.
Good for now for my lizard

It’s not the right bulb for my bearded dragon apparently we are supposed to get a tube t5 or t8 type build but it works until I can afford the more expensive bulb.

Lady L.
Long lasting, fits ceramic holder

I used these bulbs in a ten gallon aquarium for 2 small turtles. They lasted forever and fit into the black ceramic lampshade with metal prong clips. They cost a fraction of the larger bulbs and work just as well, if not better as they last a long time.

Jacky M.
Cost effective compared to retail bulbs at the local store

Bought six pcs for a turtle tank but ended up using for my gecko. I can’t speak to the UV light, since my gecko is nocturnal, but the color is good, generates as much heat as a regular sized bulb, and is a lot cheaper than buying the single bulbs at the local pet superstore. I’ve had my first bulb in for two months now and no problems at all.

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Yigati Truly Sun-Like Bright Heat for Reptiles, Amphibian and Birds