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Millicent A.
Good back brush helping with back acne

Purchased this for my teen age daughter and 20 year old son who both struggle with back acne. They both feel this brush has helped reduce acne after less than a week using. Length is good, bristles good.

Aaron B.

For those that are shopping, be warned that this isn't a soft brush for lightly scrubbing your skin. It's far more abrasive than that, for exfoliating your skin. Think sandpaper, not cotton balls :) That's what I needed it for, though. Plus it's a great back scratcher when you need one!

Krisha G.
Sturdy, high quality and long

The handle might be a bit TOO long, in fact. Reaching behind your back with such a long handle I find that there is very little leverage if grasped at the end, and grasping in the middle means you are dealing with a slippery shaft when there is soap.

Angel J.
Finally something that solve the problem

I have tried many options and often twister my shoulder. This is a great brush to reach back easily and I love the grip on the handle which hints how thoughtfully it was designed to solve the problem.

Alyanna S.
recommend it 👍🏻

i like this item, i use it to scrub my back because i have very dry skin. even though it’s very good i would’ve preferred for it to be a little bit more rough on the bristles other than that, i like it!

Paolo G.
Love this Brush

This is such a good brush. It's sturdy enough to get the job done yet soft enough to keep your skin from feeling like it's being scrubbed off. I love the nice long handle too. Good buy for a good price.

Carol D.

I love this thing I can really scrub my back good and clean with this. Wife was skeptical at first but she likes it too. Its a bit rough for her liking so she's uses it a lot softer than I do but we're both benefiting from this product for sure.

Levi L.
Excellent back brush

I needed something to scrub my back in the shower. This brush is ideal. I would only suggest making the handle another 2-4 inches longer for better ease of reaching the entire back more comfortably. The brush itself is "just right" in firmness and comfort.

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Richo Body Bath Brush, Back Scrubber with Anti-slip Long Wooden Handle | 100% Natural Bristles